3 Great Ideas For A Gaming Birthday Party

Gaming Party Ideas

3 Great Ideas for a Gaming Birthday Party from All About Party Bags!   We have lots of ready-made goodie bags and Party Bag Fillers to choose from, including a diverse collection of different themes. Quite simply there’s something for everyone. So if you’re looking for the ideal party bags for your child, our online store is the ideal place to shop.

Lots of children enjoy gaming, so if you’re unsure of what party to plan for your videogame loving child, here’s a list of three ideas to give you some food for thought.

1) Host A LAN Party
Very popular in Scandinavian countries; this is a fantastic choice for those searching for a low budget solution. Typically speaking a LAN party is a sleepover party, with videogames, it was more common in other countries before multiplayer online gaming became popular, however many gamers still enjoy regular LAN parties with their friends. In this type of sleepover party, people met in person to play video games together over a Local Area Network, however in the contemporary iteration of this classic, friends often bring laptops or consoles to one friend’s home and spend the evening or sometimes even whole weekend playing videogames with each other.

2) Go Old School With A Trip To The Arcade
Whilst gaming nowadays means playing the latest releases on your console or PC, however in years past many visited local arcades to play games such as PAC-MAN, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Frogger, and many more.

In previous decades, lots of children would gather together with friends and family, spending their pocket-money playing these games, however not all arcades have been left in the past, many still exist to this day. So why not bring this old school gaming experience back to life for your child’s birthday? If they love shoot ‘em up games like CoD or battle royale games like Fortnite, perhaps they’ll love playing the old school arcade games with light-guns like 1995’s Time Crisis or 1984’s Duck Hunt.

3) Visit A Gaming Cafe
Whilst the contemporary iteration of the LAN party might be mostly a Scandinavian hobby, many gaming cafes have opened throughout the country, where people can gather together, enjoy some tasty food and drinks whilst playing some of their favourite games. In fact, gaming cafes are a great place for people who enjoy video games to get out into ‘the real world’, meet new people and make friends.

A trip to the gaming cafe could be a superb idea for a birthday party, they’ll be able to play some of their favourite games with their friends, and any parents who want to stick around to supervise would be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Perhaps the children could organise a tournament with a competitive game such as Counter Strike or League of Legends? After all, the professional eSports scene is becoming more and more popular; this could be a fantastic opportunity for children to spend a day pretending to be their favourite eSports players; do they want to midlane in LoL like Faker or be an AWPer in CSGO like FalleN, a gaming birthday party is their opportunity to live their dreams for the day.

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