Activity Bags – Adding The Spice Of Life At Your Events

Be it a wedding, a baby shower or an anniversary; no gathering is complete without fun activities. These help spice up moods and add life to any event.

Weddings are the usual ones that add a festive feel through elaborate functions. But often, kids feel bored and itching for something that keeps them interested. Similarly, even adults can feel mundane after a while.

Starting in ascending order, we shall first address activity ideas for children aged three to seven years, than those aged between eight to fifteen, and finally, adults.

Let’s kill boredom once and for all.

Activity bags and boxes for small kids (3-7 years)

Sketchbook and pencils/crayons

These are the usual options for young children. They work as an avenue for unleashing the creative burst. For safety reasons, it also helps to keep away from felting tips or paint. You can go a step ahead and have a children’s table too. Cover it with light brown craft paper or rolls of thick white paper, and children can carve their ideas and innovations on the table itself. This can get turned into a group or a competitive activity by handing out prizes to the winners.

Activity book

The simplest solution to keep children occupied is often an activity book. You can either have these pre-made or make your own. It should include simple mazes, colouring pages and templates, stickers make a great addition too.

Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are exactly as simple as they sound, offering some imaginative and furry fun. Often available in sets of 5 or 6, they are a cost-effective option. For creative and crafty children, you can further go ahead by creating unique, themed and card felt-finger puppets. There are plenty of variations on the theme available from Dinosaurs to Princesses.


These little pots of bubbles are the quintessential winner among small kids. Alternatively, you can surprise everyone with a pack of touchable bubbles, these never fail to thrill children and adults alike. There is a lot of fun, laughter and endless fun to be had with this ever-popular party bag filler. So be sure to accommodate these budget-friendly additions, available in a huge variety of colours and themes, in any way possible.

A cool playdough

There are several variants, such as the Coffee Playdough and Alum Playdough. Allowing children to create something new with playdough makes for an ideal pastime. Here’s how you can simply make it at home.
Ingredients: ½ cup of salt, 1 cup of water, flour, one tablespoon of oil, two tablespoons of tartar cream and some food colouring.


1. Put the flour, salt, tartar cream and oil in a pan
2. Mix water with food colouring
3. Add the water and colour mix to other ingredients and stir well
4. Then cook the mixture over low to medium heat for about 5 minutes
5. Once the mixture gets doughy, begin kneading
6. Wait till the desired texture gets achieved

A sticker book

You can either go for unisex or gender-specific themes. For the former, farm or zoo animal sticker books are ideal. However, be wary of stereotypes! Not all little girls obsess over princesses or boys over superheroes.

Activity bags and boxes for small kids (8-15 years)

A disposable camera

These are available at budget-friendly prices. Providing one for each child allows them to click away. Given the social media frenzy, a camera can keep them occupied for quite a while.
This can be kept for individual fun or turned into an elaborate game, say a ‘Scavenger hunt’. All that is needed is a printer, some cards, pencils and a disposable camera. This activity shall send the young ones into a game of i-spy! A popular theme is identifying various wedding day occurrences or outfits and ticking them off the list. The game is ideal for children aged between 8 and 15 years who can engage independently in this activity.
Adding incentive, you can have a small bag of sweets or a pound shop toy for the first child to tick items on that list.

Create your T-shirt

Adding this as a game to the party paves the way for much-needed fun and entertainment for children. The primary ingredients are plain, white T-shirts in different sizes and fabric pens. Once done, the children can get encouraged to display creative designs. They can then take the fashionable creations back home in their party bag. What’s more, this activity can get incentivised by awarding the best design with additional goodies.

Mini Puzzles

There is a lot you can do here! You can go for those metal puzzles such as unhooking different pieces, a Rubix cube or a pinball-type game. Another alternative is brainteasers.

Retro Toys

Going old-school can get captivating with spinning tops, yo-yos and kaleidoscopes. These are ideal across various ages.

Activity bags and boxes for adults

Board Games

Here, you can include games such as Taboo, Pictionary, Scrabble or Charades. These are classics but a great way to bring entertainment to the party. For alcohol enthusiasts, you can add drinking games, including card games or other fun-filled games such as werewolves or cards against humanity. You could even add in a pair of novelty drinking straw glasses for endless amusement!

18+ Games

To spice up things among the adults, you can create games such as Guess who? Or even organise for Never Have I Ever, for example.

Live Performances

If board games or drinking games do not cut it, you can encourage elders to display live art performances such as singing, dancing or performing a standup comedy act. Better yet, spice it up through dance-offs, rap battles and lip-singing competitions.

At the end of the day

It is all about fun and entertainment, so do not fret! The crux is to add a special touch. Think of it as creating memorable moments through the fun-filled festivity.
If you are dazed or doubtful about what to include and how to go about everything, look no further. All About Party Bags is to the rescue. We shall make the task of adding fun and entertainment to the event akin to a smooth sail. Better yet, you can scroll through our collection of kids’ party and activity bags section to get creative ideas.