8 Budget Bank Holiday Activities for the Kids

Bank holiday activities - children holding hands in the garden

The school summer break can be a logistical nightmare for parents - from juggling child care to trying to book your own holiday, it can be hard to spend as much quality family time as you'd like.

The August bank holiday, therefore, is a great opportunity to get everyone together for some old-fashioned fun - and that doesn't mean having to spend a fortune on expensive days out. From sensory treasure hunts to making dens, here are 8 budget activities the kids will love.

Go On a Sensory Treasure Hunt

Small children love picking things up and touching them, so a sensory treasure hunt is guaranteed to go down well. Plus, it's a great way to help them learn about the world around them! Draw up a list of things for them to find, such as 'a tree with shiny leaves', 'something that's been warmed by the sun' and 'a brightly coloured flower'.

Hand out rewards such as these Crocodile Erasers when they've found everything on the list.

Have a Soap Boat Race

We love this idea from I Heart Naptime. All you'll need is a rain gutter (which you should be able to pick up at most DIY stores), bars of soap, toothpicks, fabric scissors and a glue gun. Create the sails for the boats by cutting out triangular sections of fabric, gluing them to the tooth picks and sticking the sharp end in the bars of soap. Then simply place at hose at one end of the gutter and let the race begin!

Make a Den

Every child loves making dens to hide away from the grown-ups in. Provide them with old sheets, blankets and chairs that they can drape over garden furniture (or indoor furniture if the weather takes a turn for the worst!). You could even get creative and help them make a 'no grown-ups allowed' sign for the entrance.

Make Rainbow Foam Dough

This activity from Fun At Home With Kids looks like great fun - just make sure you only make it with kids old enough not to put any in their mouths! Add food colouring to shaving cream and mix with cornstarch, to create amazingly fluffy dough the kids will love playing with. It's also a good idea to keep this one outside to avoid any mess!

Stage a Summer Olympics

If you've got a big enough garden or a nearby park, a summer Olympics can be lots of fun. Split your children's friends into groups of twos and threes, and ask them to pick a country to represent out of a hat. You can then set up 'events' such as a relay race and discus, which would involve throwing a Frisbee as far they can.

Hand out prizes such as these Winners Medals to the winners.

Make a Butterfly Feeder

Butterflies will make a beautiful addition to any garden. Fill a jar with lots of brightly coloured flowers - and then add a cotton ball soaked in sugar water. The kids will love watching the colourful visitors.

Set up an Obstacle Course

You can easily set up an obstacle course in the garden with items you already own, such as ropes, a wooden ladder (laid flat on the ground) and hoola hoops. Not only will the course test the kid's agility, it will keep them entertained for hours!

Set up a Lemonade Stand

Setting up a lemonade stand is a classic summer activity for older children - plus, it will teach them a little bit about business too. Help them make the refreshing drink by following a lemonade recipe, and get creative setting up the stall in the back garden. Then all you have to do is invite everyone round to sample their creation!

The August bank holiday is a great opportunity to have some old fashioned family fun - and the kids are guaranteed to love these eight budget activities!

Have you got any more bank holiday activity suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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