Cinema Birthday Parties: Trolls World Tour

Cinema Birthday Parties: Trolls World Tour

DreamWorks films are often a great choice for little ones and the upcoming sequel to the 2016 film Trolls looks to be a great film, with a voice cast filled with lots of talented individuals including Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Corden, Ozzy Osborune, and Gwen Stefani.

So if you’re looking for a film to take your little one to see as a part of a cinema birthday party later this year, Trolls World Tour is a superb choice, and our online store is the ideal place to find all the themed party bags you need, including a selection of filled party bags for parents short on time.

Trolls World Tour; What’s The Film About?

It’s all well and good saying that DreamWorks films are great choices for kids, however we understand just how picky kids can be at times, so how do you know if your kids will enjoy the film? Well here’s a spoiler free rundown of the concept and idea of the film.

Trolls World Tour takes place after the events of the first film, in which Poppy discovered that her tribe is but one of six troll tribes, each of which is devoted to a different form of music, pop, funk, classical, techno, country, and rock. In this story, a member of the hard-rock royalty, queen Barb and her father King Thrash (voiced by Ozzy Osborune) are on a mission to destroy all other music, leaving rock alone to reign supreme. With all the other music of the world at risk, the mission of Poppy and her friends is to visit all other lands and unite them in harmony against Queen Barb.

A trip to the cinema is a great choice of birthday activity for your child’s party. Additionally, it’s important to remember that many cinemas also offer special perks for people celebrating their birthdays with a trip to the cinema. For example, at Odeon cinemas you can book a private party which includes tickets to a private screening of a current of classic film. Trolls World Tour is set to be released in April 2020, it’s a great story for children to watch, opening their minds to different styles of music and teaching them the important message of unity and tolerance; it’s okay to be different.

What About Party Bags? What Party Bags Should You Choose For Cinema Parties?

No children’s birthday party is complete without goodie bags, don’t make sure you don’t forget about them. With regards to party bags for cinema birthday parties, like any other type of children’s birthday party, bags, you have two choices, either make your own party bags, or buy readymade pre-filled party bags.

With regards to making your own, we have over 1100 party bag fillers to choose from including various different themes, suitable for a diverse selection of different ages and genders, so no matter how old or young they are, or how they identify, we’re confident that you’ll find everything you need to build your own party bags on our online store.

However, we understand that with lots to organise, prepare, and buy; party bags can be very time consuming. Don’t risk running out of time, after all the children at the party deserve something extra special for the end of the party. For parents short on time, or those who would just prefer to spend more time with their child before the party, we have the perfect product; Readymade Party Bags. With a selection of 500 pre-filled readymade party bags to choose from, we’re confident that you’ll find something ideal for your child and all the children attending the party.

Ultimately the decision to go readymade or make your own is largely down to both personal choice and the time available. If you’re not very crafty and prefer to purchase things such as birthday cakes and decorations readymade, we suggest browsing through our range of pre-filled party bags. However, if you like making things yourself and often add a DIY touch to party decorations, why not give making your own party bags a try with our diverse list of party bag fillers and loot bags.

Need Some More Party Inspiration?

If you need more inspiration and help with regards to organising your child’s birthday party, we recommend visiting our blog; it’s filled with lots of tips, suggestions, and advice to help you make sure that your little one’s special day is extra special. Some of the blogs available include a list of 5 ideas for gender neutral parties and a list of 9 tips to minimise stress for those parents who are finding the ordeal of organising a party a bit overwhelming.

Also, don’t forget about our Pinterest page, It has lots of Pinterest boards for party inspiration such as super hero cake ideas, vintage party ideas, and piñatas. So if you would benefit more from visual based inspiration, we highly recommend visiting our Pinterest; it’s a great place to get inspired.

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