Organising A Pool Party This Summer?

Organising A Pool Party This Summer?

Organising a pool party this summer? Don’t forget about children’s party bags!

The All About Party Bags online store has a great selection of kids party bags to browse including a wide variety of different themes and a selection of party bags at different prices. So if you’re organising a party this summer, visit our online store today.

5 Suggestions For A Pool Party

If you’re organising a pool party, you’ll need some fun activities, some tasty party food, and of course some amazing themed party bags. So, to give you a helping hand; here’s a list of 5 suggestions.

1. Pool Themed Party Games & Activities.
There are many different options for pool themed party activities. If you own your own swimming pool, you could perhaps play a game of water polo or water volleyball. If the pool is deep enough, you could also have a diving competition with some fun prizes being given to the winners. Some great prizes could be found by browsing through our selection of party bag fillers.

Also, as it is summer, please do not forget to wear an appropriately strong sun cream and reapply as required. Additionally, keep an eye out for the symptoms of heat exhaustion as discussed in our previous blog, “ How About A Camping Party?”

little girls swimming with arm bands

2. Tasty Party Food.
There are lots of fun options with regards to tasty party food for a pool party. For example, you could decide to serve some beach themed tasty treats people guests to enjoy. However, it is very important that you choose a menu that is appropriate for the heat. As such, it might be a good idea to include some snacks which are served cold, helping the party guests to stay cool in the heat. Perhaps this could be a tasty cold fruit flavoured dessert?

3. Any Adults Attending The Party? Choose Some Tasty Summer Cocktails.
If adults are attending your pool party, it might be a good idea to purchase and/or make some cocktails for the party.

There are lots of fun summer time poolside cocktails to choose from. For example, you could decide to make some delicious sangria, or perhaps you could create a watermelon tequila cocktail using this recipe from Food & Wine .

However, if you would like some mocktails so you can relax by the pool with a delicious beverage without alcohol, perhaps you would be interested in a Beachcomber Mocktail? This drink is believed to have originated in Hawaii, so why not consider making some for your pool party?

4. Don’t Forget About Party Bags.
At All About Party Bags, we have a fantastic selection of party bags for children with numerous different themes to choose form. If you would like to make your own party bags, you can find lots of fun party bag fillers on our online store, however if you are concerned about not having enough time to organise the party and make your own kids party bags, don’t worry; we also have a fantastic selection of readymade party bags to browse on our online store.

5. Finish The Party With A Piñata!
A Piñata could be a fantastic way to finish your pool party. After enjoying lots of fun activities and games, drinking delicious drinks, and enjoying some tasty party food, your party guests could gather together to try and break open a piñata. If you would like to purchase a readymade piñata, we have a wonderful sun emoji piñata available on our online store; however if you would prefer to do so, you could choose to make your own. Additionally, we also sell a pack of 72 piñata fillers ; an assortment of cheap and cheerful prizes, making them ideal for the end of the party.

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Would You Like Some Inspiration? Visit All About Party Bags On Pinterest

If you’re searching for some inspiration for an upcoming party that you are planning, we have lots of Pinterest boards to browse. Indeed, some of our boards include topics such as superhero cakes, ice cream party ideas, and tropical party ideas. So if you need some inspiration for a party you’re organising, the All About Party Bags Pinterest is a fantastic place to get inspired.

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