5 Ideas For A Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

If your child likes dinosaurs, you might be considering organising a dinosaur themed birthday party for them with dinosaur themed decorations and party bag fillers. However, if you need some advice or inspiration with regards to organising a dinosaur themed children’s birthday party, here is a list of 5 ideas to give you a helping hand.
Dinosaur-FB1. Make Some Dinosaur Themed Party Decorations. When organising a themed birthday party, your party decorations are very important.If you want to keep the budget low, you could use different coloured pieces of card and cut out different dinosaurs and use them as decorations. However, if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, you could decorate with dinosaur themed balloons, or perhaps you could make some dinosaurs out of balloons using this helpful guide from The Spruce.dinosaur decorations2. Dinosaur Themed Party Food. There are lots of fun ways that you could serve party food in a dinosaur theme. If you’re looking for some candy and sweets, you could serve chocolate eggs as “dinosaur eggs”, you could serve a selection of dinosaur shaped jellied sweets, or perhaps you could use a dinosaur shaped cookie cutter and make some dinosaur cookies.However, if you’re searching for some healthier party food, you could use a dinosaur cookie cutter to make some delicious dinosaur shaped sandwiches. You could also make some dinosaur eggs out of a selection of different fruits, or perhaps you could serve a leafy salad with a picture of a few well known herbivorous dinosaurs next to the food label. Perhaps you could call it a ‘Stegosaurus Snack’?Also, if you’re interested in making sculptures out of melons, you could try creating a Watermelon T-Rex using this guide from Watermelon.org.chocolate eggs3. Perhaps A Trip To The Museum? There are lots of wonderful dinosaur exhibits to see in the various different museums around the country. As such, a trip to a museum could be a fantastic activity for a dinosaur themed birthday party.However, if your local museum does not have any dinosaur themed exhibitions don’t worry, there are lots of other fantastic museums that you could choose throughout the country and perhaps you could transform a birthday trip into a birthday day out.For example, those in the south of England maybe interested in visiting the Natural History Museum in London. This museum has many fantastic exhibitions to discover such as the first fossil ever found from a Tyrannosaurus rex, and the skull of a plant-eating dinosaur known as the Triceratops.dinosaur at the zoo4. Play Some Fun Dinosaur Themed Party Games. There are lots of fun dinosaur themed games that you could play, and lots of fun ways to add a dinosaur theme to an existing party game.For example, if you have a sand play area, you could hide some dinosaur toys in the sand and task the children with discovering the dinosaurs. Then the one who discovers the most dinosaurs wins a small prize. However, if you’re searching for something more active with a dinosaur theme, you could opt for an egg hunt. However, instead of an Easter egg hunt; it could be a dinosaur egg hunt.You could also decide to make your own piñata for the party. However, if you’re looking to save some time, you could choose to purchase a ready made piñata and fill it with lots of dinosaur themed party treats.dinosaur egg5. Don’t Forget About Some Party Bags! If you’re organising a children’s birthday party, make sure that you don’t forget about party bags.If you would like to make your own party bags, we have a fantastic selection of party bag fillers to choose from in our dinosaur section. The wonderful range of dinosaur party bag products includes but is not limited to: Dinosaur Notebooks, Dinosaur/Monster/Dragon Erasers, Mini Dinosaurs, and DIY Mini Dinosaur Models.However, if you are unsure if you have enough time to make your own party bags and you’re searching for some ways to save time, you might be interested in our range or readymade dinosaur themed party bags. You can choose form filled party bags such as the Just Dinosaurs Party Bag, the Dinosaur Model & Mask Party Bag, and the Prehistoric Party Bag.dinosaur DIY model

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