A Birthday Party Based Around Your Child's Favourite Colour

Sometimes deciding on a party theme can be difficult; however it doesn't have to be. You could simply style your child's birthday party around their favourite colour. With lots of party bags and party bag fillers to choose from you can organise a wonderful party for your child based around a single colour.

There are lots of colours to choose from, so here's a selection to give you some food for thought.

  • Red. If your child's favourite colour is red, you can do lots of fun things for a red themed party. For some food you could serve jam sandwiches and also enjoy some healthy snacks such as, strawberries, raspberries, apples, watermelon and other red snacks.If you're wondering what to do for party bags, you could purchase a selection of red boxes or red cellophane bags and place a selection of party bag fillers inside. You could choose toys and treats that match your child's hobbies, such as some loom twister bands or some bouncy balls. BAU8-L_1_3_5_3_62 (1)
  • Yellow. If your thinking about organising a yellow themed birthday party for your child, you'll need some party bags. If you would like to make your own party bags, you can find a fantastic selection of empty yellow bags on our empty bags and boxes section, or by searching for the word yellow using our search feature.If you're concerned about serving yellow foods and being limited to chips, don't worry. You can serve lots of party treats that are yellow, such as bananas, homemade lemonade, vanilla ice cream and banana milkshakes. BAP8-L_3_35
  • Green. A green birthday party can be a fantastic way to include lots of healthy treats in the party food such as celery sticks with a delicious dip, some green smoothies, some tasty kiwi and as a special treat for a dessert, you could enjoy some tasty mint ice cream.With regards to party bags, there are lots of fun party bag ideas that you could enjoy. For example, you could put small gifts in this fantastic green tote bag. If you want some inspiration for green party products, you can use our search feature and search for the word green, and browse a wonderful selection of products that are available from our online store.

  • Blue. Grab some blue balloons and get ready for a blue birthday party! There are lots of fun things that you can do for a blue party. You can dress up in lots of fantastic blue clothes; you can enjoy tasty treats such as blueberries and enjoy some delicious blue coloured jelly.You could also add some party bag fillers to some blue loot bags. Visit our website and browse through our selection of empty bags and boxes. baib3
  • Pink. Pink is a great colour for a party. With lots of fantastic pink party decorations and tasty pink treats such as, pink lemonade, candyfloss and cupcakes with pink icing.For some party bags, you can choose some pink loot bags and fill them with lots of fantastic goodies such as sweets & chocolate and some mini play dough pots. BAUL10-L_3_7
  • Purple. If your child's favourite colour is purple there are lots of fun things that you can do for a purple themed birthday party. You can decorate the house full of purple banners, balloons and table decorations. You could even have some fun with purple face paint!You can also serve some purple party food, such as tasty cakes with purple dressing, grape flavoured drinks, blackcurrants and blueberries.

Plan A Great Party With A Little Help From All About Party Bags

If you need some help planning a birthday party for your child, don't worry All About Party Bags is here to help. If you're feeling stressed and need a guide to help you with the planning process. We have an easy to understand 10 step guide to help you throw a great party. Additionally, for those interested in planning an autumn party, we have a selection of eight tips dedicated to parties during the autumn season.

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