Clever Party Bag Alternatives

It’s a safe to say that here at All About Party Bags; we think that party bags and their party bag fillers are pretty great. However, all children are different, so if your child isn’t too fond of party bags for whatever reason, here’s a quick list of alternatives that you could try instead.

Clever Party Bag Alternatives

If your child doesn’t want party bags at their birthday, listen to them; they may have their own reasons for not wanting party bags, whether it’s wanting something else or feeling like they’ve outgrown the concept. Regardless of their reasons, it’s important to listen to your child.

  1. Pass The Parcel
    Party Bags are a simple way of making sure that everyone leaves the party with a little gift, however another great way to do that is with a game of pass the parcel.

    It’s a favourite for many home birthday party ideas; lots of children enjoy pass the parcel. However, it can sometimes be very time consuming to make your own parcel for the party. With our readymade pass the parcels, you can choose between eight and fifteen layers in your parcel, each containing a gift. If there are more than 15 children at your party, perhaps you could purchase two parcels!

  2. A Slice Of Birthday Cake
    Think about the role of a party bag at the end of the party, it’s a nice way to say thank you to all the guests who have attended the party, so as your child gets older, they might outgrow the party bag stage. However, people rarely grow too old for a nice slice of birthday cake. So if you’re looking for that great way to say ‘thanks for coming’ to all the party guests, a slice of birthday cake in one of our Loot Bags is a great alternative to the party bag full of toys and sweets.

    However, if you are planning this make sure that you check if any party guests have any food allergies or intolerances before you purchase or make the cake. This way you can avoid making or buying a cake with ingredients that guests may be allergic or intolerant to.

  3. Nothing – Keep It Simple
    If your child doesn’t want party bags at their party, don’t fall into a trap of thinking that you “must” have something to take the place of their party bags. After all, there must be a reason why they don’t want party bags in the first place.

    So instead of thinking about what to replace party bags with, consider ways that you can make their birthday more special. For example, you could take you child and their friends to the cinema for an awesome movie party, or maybe you could take them on a trip to a local zoo or aquarium. For example, if your child loves sharks it might be a good idea to organise a trip to Blue Planet in Chester; it has the largest collection of sharks in the UK including species such as tiger sand sharks, a zebra shark and reef sharks. However, if your child prefers land animals, perhaps a trip to the UK’s most visited zoo Chester Zoo will be a fun trip, with wonderful creatures to see such as bears, tigers, and lions.

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