How to Put Together a Busy Bag for Your Wedding


What's a busy bag we hear your cry?

Well, a busy bag is a distraction, a keeper of the peace if you will, used to keep the children busy during more formal occasions.

What sets them aside from your everyday party bags is that everything inside them is clean, quiet and designed for individual play. They are a prevention strategy, created by us in the party supply world to stop the kids from running riot at your special event!

So we couldn't think of a time when these would be more useful than at a wedding- particularly when the long speeches commence. Whilst some of you may prefer to opt for the ready-made option, others of you may wish to put your own bags together. Without further ado, we present to you an easy how-to guide on how to put together the ultimate busy bags for your little guests.

1. Arrange Your Bags According to Age and Gender

There are bound to be a range of different aged guests at your wedding. Buying in bulk may not always be the best option, as you could end up offering all your guests rubber ducks and soft toys. The toddlers would love them, but the teenagers? Not so much.

So, how do you overcome this dilemma? Route through all your younger guests and divide them up into categories based on gender and age. This gives you the option to plan which treats would be most suitable to pop into their busy bags, and to buy the appropriate amount of each gift.

2. Invest in Some Mini-Games

Next up on the list is to invest in some games. Whilst the sentimental speeches and long dances may be enjoyable for you and your friends, the kids might not be impressed. This will almost certainly result in the mischievous behaviour that arises if they get bored and are left twiddling their thumbs.

A mini snooker table game or bowling alley set could make for a great addition to any busy bag. It keeps the kids entertained when they're required to sit quietly for any duration of time. You may even struggle getting them to put the games away when the speeches are over!

3. Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

A book of Sudoku or possibly a puzzle could really help you in keeping the kids occupied. Any individual task that requires intense concentration is ideal as a busy bag filler!

You could even fashion your own "I spy" list for the kids, listing several things they can take pictures of on the day - simply pop disposable cameras on the tables along with a copy of the list. This will provide you with some great (and comical) photos of your day, and put the children's creative flare to good use.

Alternatively, you can provide some colouring and puzzle books for the kids to get stuck into at their tables.

4. Keep 'em Sweet

There is no easier way to win a child's approval than through their sweet tooth. By popping some sugary treats into each of your busy bags, they'll be sure to go down well with the recipients, regardless of age.

We recommend sticking to individually wrapped sweets and chocolates in this case, as those that aren't wrapped could end up sticking to other goodies in the bag. With the younger ones, marshmallows are a safe bet. Maybe pop a juice box in there too. Children aren't commonly partial to the taste of Champagne.

5. Table Trivia

Whether it's a corny joke or an interesting fact - everyone loves a bit of table trivia. They're a great way to break the ice and keep the children amused for a while. Even if the jokes are terrible!

You could even personalise your trivia. Write up some interesting or embarrassing facts about you and your partner for your guests to enjoy. Maybe pop some educational facts and Q&A cards in there for the children to suss out. A simplistic and cheap trick, yet highly effective.

6. Stick To Your Theme

Every bride spends a lot of time carefully choosing their colour theme and making sure that everything looks perfect - so why would your busy bags be any different? We have 15 different organza drawstring bags, and a wide variety of cellophane bags and coloured ribbons to choose from. This means that every bride can find a bag to match their theme, so not only will they keep the kids busy but they will also look great on the tables!

Fear of keeping the little ones entertained is something that haunts every bride and groom-to-be. However, it can so easily be avoided with the use of a few gimmicks and games. They can even entertain the big kids!

So keep your guests sweet for your wedding day, by ensuring there are always some great boredom-busters available for those who aren't quite so enthusiastic about weddings.

Will you have busy bags at your wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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