The History Of Party Bags

The tradition of giving gifts to the party host is well established for numbers occasions including wedding gifts, birthday gifts, and more. However, what about the tradition of the host giving gifts to the guests, what is the history of party favours such as birthday party bags?

The History Of Party Bags

So where did the tradition of party favours and party bags originate? Is it a recent tradition, or does the tradition have ancient origins perhaps stretching back to the Romans, Greeks, or perhaps even the ancient Egyptians?

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Party Favours At Birthdays

Unlike other traditions regarding birthdays and festivals, the tradition of providing party favours only dates back a few centuries. In history, the aristocratic Europeans (most notably those originating from France and Italy) would provide their party guests with a gift before they left. Somewhat similar to goodie bags for children’s parties.

This small gift was called a bonbonniere, which was a small box made from a precious material such as porcelain, crystal, precious stones, or metal. Inside the box would be confectionary or sugar cubes, as sugar was seen as a luxury item.

In recent years, party favours for children’s parties have gone through quite the change. A few decades ago, children would leave a party with a slice of birthday cake and perhaps a balloon, nowadays children leave with themed party favours containing all sorts of fun and exciting toys.

Party Favours At Weddings

With regards to the party favours given to guests at weddings, one of the earliest traditions of wedding favours originated in the 16th century in England. During this time, it would be customary for the bride and groom to make love knots from lace and ribbon and give them as a gift to each wedding guest as a favour, representing their love. However, through time wedding favours have changed quite significantly, including sugared almonds and numerous other items including lollipops, chocolate, and alcoholic gifts.

Other Occasions For Party Favours

In addition to birthdays and weddings, there are numerous other occasions in which some may choose to provide their guests with party favours, including but not limited to:

  • Baby showers
  • Engagement parties,
  • Christenings
  • Retirements
  •  Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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