10 Amazing DIY Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween party ideas - glowing pumpkins

It's that time of year again - the days are getting shorter, there's a bite in the air and before you know it, it'll be time to dust off your Halloween decorations and start planning this year's celebrations.

From trick or treat to pumpkin carving, kids love Halloween. And unsurprisingly, it's usually the spookiest activities they enjoy the most!

Here are some of our favourite DIY ideas - guaranteed to make your kids Halloween party a hit.

1. Toilet Roll Paper Bat

Looking for an easy-to-make Halloween party decoration? This toilet roll bat looks great and is simple enough for the kids to get involved with. All you'll need is a toilet roll, black paint, googly eyes, black paper and glue. Simply paint the roll black, add the eyes and cut out and stick on card wings.

2. Halloween Ring Toss

This Halloween ring toss game is an easy party activity the kids will love. If making cardboard hats seems like too much effort, you can simply buy some from a costume shop. Arrange them on the floor and then see if anyone can get a hoop to land over the hats' cones!

3. Spider Web Walk

This spooky game is the perfect addition to a Halloween party. Start by making a web on the floor using coloured tape and add some spiders around the web and a glow stick in the centre. The aim of the game is for the kids to stay on the web and pick up all the spiders and finally the glow stick, without falling off.

4. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The simplest games are always the best. Provide each child with a list of spooky items to find, such as these Red Dracula Fangs, this Stretchy Snake and this Spider in Web. Hide them around the house and let the kids keep the goodies they find.

5. Halloween Feel Box Game

For slightly older children, this spooky feel box game can be lots of fun. Using cardboard, divide the inside of a box into four pieces and cut holes in each side, big enough for a child to put their hand through. Put something into each section of the box and get the children to try to guess what it is - for example, cold spaghetti could be worms, whilst a damp sponge could be brains.

6. Stick the Boo On the Ghost

We never get tired of a great twist on this classic game, and 'Stick the Boo on the Ghost' is perfect for Halloween. Get creative and paint a ghost onto a large piece of black paper. Then cut out speech marks from white card with 'boo!' written on them, and place double sided sticky tape on the back. Blindfold each child in turn and see if they can stick the speech bubble on the ghost's mouth.

7. Ghost Bowling

This super-simple idea is easy to make and lots of fun! Get creative with a black sharpie and draw ghost faces on toilet rolls - then all you have to do is stack them and try to knock them down with a ball.

8. Glowing Eye Decorations

Looking for a truly spooky decoration? These glowing eyes can easily be made using just a toilet roll and a glow stick - simply cut eye-shapes out of the cardboard, secure a glow stick inside using tape and voila! Spread them around the room and turn the lights down, or hide them in bushes to surprise your guests as they arrive.

9. Glowing Ghosts

Another great use for glow sticks, these glowing ghost balloons are the perfect Halloween decoration. To make them, place a green glow stick inside a white balloon, inflate the balloon and tie it closed and then use a black marker to draw on a ghostly face.

10. Halloween Monster Door

Welcome guests to the party with these seriously effective monster doors. Get creative with a mixture of coloured card, paper plates, tissue paper and anything else you can find to give your door a monster makeover.

Whether you make them on your own or with the kids, these DIY Halloween party ideas are guaranteed to make your event one to remember.

For more Halloween ideas, free printables and more, read our Halloween magazine. You can also browse our selection of Halloween party bag fillers

Image by Paul Albertella

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