10 Amazing Pirate Party Ideas

Ahoy Matey! Are you searching for some treasure for a pirate party? All About Party Bags have a fantastic selection of pirate party bag fillers and other treasures for a merry band of pirates to discover!

Plan A Pirate Themed Party With These 10 Great Ideas!

If you're searching for ideas to plan a pirate themed party for your child, we have a great selection of ideas and suggestions to create a memorable birthday party for them to enjoy!

  1. Pirate Hats!

    Everyone recognises the classic pirate hat. With a selection of pirate hats, Pirate Masks and Pirate Eye Patches your child and their merry crew will be able to shout "YAR!" as they enjoy a fantastic pirate themed birthday party. pirate hat
  2. Some Treasure For The Quest - Gold Coins!

    Where would a pirate be without a quest for hidden treasure? These golden pirate coins and a fantastic decoration for the pirate party. They are also great pirate party bag fillers giving your child's guests a souvenir of the party. pirates gold coins
  3. Use Pirate Phrases In Your Party Invitations!

    You can help create a pirate theme from the start by using pirate phrases in your party invites. For example, you could include: Ahoy! - Hello Cap'n - Captain Grog - A pirate's drink Grub - A pirate's food So, for example, you could write an invitation such as the following: "Ahoy There Matey! You are invited to Cap'n (your child's name)'s birthday party. There will be lots of tasty grub and grog and lots of fun to be had! YAR!"
  4. Pirate Tattoos!

    A Tattoo to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, perfect for a merry band of pirates. Don't worry, unlike the real thing, the tattoos on the Evil Skull Tattoo Sheet come with instructions for both application and removal, so you can remove them after the party has ended. pirate tattoos
  5. Pirate Themed Food!

    Whilst decorations and accessories are a great way to create a pirate theme, you could also create some pirate themed food for the party. Cupcakes with pirate themed icing, maybe a jolly roger, a pirate ship or a sea creature. You could also do the same with cookies, using pirate themed icing to transform party food into pirate party food.
  6. Pirate Party Activities!

    What would pirates be without a quest to find treasure? One way you can bring the pirate theme to life is with Pirate themed party games! You could hide a packet of doubloons in a location and instruct the merry band of pirates to go on a quest in order to find the lost treasure, or you could choose a Pirate's Treasure Chest Piñata. You could also play a pirate adaptation of classic party games, for example Cap'n Simon Says (an adaptation of 'Simon Says) or Pass The Treasure (an adaptation of 'Pass The Parcel'). pirate treasure chest
  7. Pirate Themed Decorations

    If you're going to organise a pirate themed party for your child, you need some pirate themed decorations! We have a fantastic selection of decorations, such as skeletons, pirate balloons and more! pirate themed table setting
  8. Pirate Themed Party Toys

    We have a fantastic selection of pirate themed toys for your child and their guests to enjoy at the pirate themed birthday party. For example, we have some hilarious toys such as Skull and Cross Bones Pop-Ups, Wooden Pirate Bif-Baf Bats, Bouncy Cannon Balls, Pirate Telescopes and Pirate Sticker Activity Books. pirate toys
  9. Fire The Cannons!

    Organise a full broadside form the pirate crew with Party Poppers. Your child playing the role of the Pirate Cap'n can shout "Fire" and order their merry crew to pull their party poppers. A great idea for a big finale to the pirate birthday party. party poppers
  10. Pirate Themed Party Bags!

    One way you can make a pirate themed party memorable is by ending the party by giving out party bags in the same pirate theme as the party! At All About Party Bags, we're all about party bags! We have a fantastic selection of pirate themed party bags to choose from. With a selection of fantastic pirate party bags such as this Filled Pirate Loot Bag, this Value Pirate Stationery Party Bag, this Big Red Pirate Kit Party Bag, or this Deluxe Filled Pirate Loot Bag; you'll be spoiled for choice! pirate party bag

Planning A Themed Birthday Party?

If you're planning a themed party for your child's birthday, planning early is very important. You need to think about things such as decorations, food and the venue you're hosting the event at (if you're not hosting the event at your own home).

We have a large selection of decorations for birthday parties in a variety of themes, including pirate themed parties, but also princesses, super heroes, fairies, army, jungle & zoo and many more!

We also have a selection of games and accessories for birthday parties and can provide Wedding Busy Bags to help keep the little ones entertained at family events such as weddings.

Pirate Themed Party Bags And Other Fantastic Party Items From All About Party Bags!

If you're searching for pirate themed party bags or pirate party bag fillers for a pirate themed party, come to All About Party Bags. We have a fantastic selection of pirate party items to choose from, from golden coins to piñatas!

Over our years of experience we have created numerous different filled party bags suitable for children of various ages, from babies to teenagers. What incredible items will you discover? Browse our fantastic website and find out!

If you would like more information regarding our pirate party bag fillers or if you have any questions about any of the items available on our online store, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated team.

You can contact our tem in a variety of different ways:

You can also find us on social media!

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