10 DIY Easter Party Ideas

Easter party egg hunt

After the excitement of Christmas, Easter is the next big holiday in the calendar and offers the perfect excuse to guzzle chocolate to your heart's content. However, the day is also a great opportunity to throw a party for your little ones, and holds endless potential when it comes to décor and activity ideas.

This year, Easter Sunday falls on the 5th April. To make sure you're ready to throw a party to remember, we've scoured the web for 10 of our favourite DIY Easter party ideas. Which will you try?

1. Minion Eggs/Egg Decorating

Many children will decorate eggs at school over the Easter months, but it's also a great activity for an Easter party. Provide each child with an egg and prepare a table with everything they could need to transform their egg into a character of their choice, such as glue, fake hair, marker pens, glitter and felt. Alternatively you can provide the kids with instructions for particular characters - the minion eggs from athriftymom.com (which use plastic eggs) are guaranteed to be popular.

2. DIY Bunny/Chick Party Cups

These bunny/chick party cups from happyclippings.com are a great party craft idea. All you need are mini party cups, patterned paper (wrapping paper will work well), googly eyes, child-friendly scissors, hole-puncher, glue and yellow and black marker pens. Then, you simply cut out feet, wings or ears from the paper and stick to the cups, before adding features such as the googly eyes. Easy peasy!

3. Pom-Pom Chicks

These pom-pom chicks are the perfect, simple party craft. You can make the pom-poms yourself before letting the kids loose on them, but it's easier to pick them up from a craft store. Using glue, simply add orange pipe cleaners as feet and beaks, and googly eyes to create the chicks.

4. Yarn Easter Eggs with a Surprise Gift

If you're looking for a DIY décor idea with a twist for your Easter party, these yarn Easter eggs could be the answer. Simply insert some chocolate into a water balloon before inflating. Next, mix equal parts of craft glue and water, dip the yarn into the glue mixture and then wrap it around the balloon until it's evenly covered. Finally pop and remove the balloon, leaving the chocolate behind. You can even turn the yarn eggs into garlands, by stringing them around the room.

5. Message in an Egg

Want to give your little guests an Easter message to remember? We love this 'message in an egg' idea from ohcrafts.net. Before the party, carefully make two holes in the opposite corners of raw eggs using a needle. The contents of the eggs should then drain (if not, make the holes slightly bigger) and you can then carefully wash them out. Finally, paint the eggs in attractive designs, and insert rolled up pieces of paper with your message into the holes. The kids will have to crack open the eggs to read their personalised messages.

6. Paper Plate Easter Chicks

These paper plate Easter chicks from simpleasthatblog.com are an easy party activity that the kids will love. All you'll need are yellow paper plates, orange card for the feet and legs, yellow feathers for the wings and googly eyes. The finished result will serve as a great reminder of the day.

7. Easter Party Invitation Envelope

These Easter party envelopes are a great way to make your invites stand out from the crowd. Simply cut the ears and teeth out of pink and white card and stick to the envelope. You can then add googly eyes, a pom-pom nose and whiskers made out of strips of black card.

8. Bunny Ears

These DIY bunny ears from marthastewart.com will instantly transform the kids into Easter rabbits. All you'll need are child-sized headbands, felt, scissors, hot glue and hot glue sticks - the felt ears are simply glued to the headband. Click the link for an in-depth tutorial.

9. Egg Carton Wreath

This egg carton wreath from homemadeserenity.blogspot is a great decoration to create before the party with your kids. Simply cut the tops of the egg holders into petal shapes to create 'flowers', and then paint the 'flowers' in different colours. You can then glue the 'flowers' onto a green cardboard frame in a wreath shape, before proudly hanging it on the party room's door.

10. Bunny and Chick Easter Hats

These bunny and chick Easter hats from oneperfectdayblog.net are a party activity the kids will love - plus they're a fun memento of the day. Simply roll and glue pink and yellow card into cones, before adding details such as pom-pom noses, googly eyes and feathers.

Whether you make them before the party, or at the party with the kids, these DIY ideas will make your Easter event one to remember. Don't forget to hand out party bags to thank everyone for coming - we offer a range of party bag fillers and filled party bags to suit an Easter theme, such as this Farm Yard Party Bag and these Easter milk chocolate coins.

Which was your favourite DIY Easter party idea? Let us know in the comments.

*Always supervise children when crafting.

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