10 Tips For The Perfect Princess Party

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess dreamed of a perfect birthday party. With princess party bag fillers from All About Party Bags, you can make this dream a reality for your little princess.

Create A Wonderful Princess Themed Birthday Party With These 10 Fantastic Ideas!

1. Make It Magical

Make the birthday party feel like a fairy tale come to life. With magic pink wands and lots of other magical elements, they can say "Abracadabra!" as they wave a wand! With lots of magical themed accessories, you can create a wonderful fairy tale inspired princess party for your little princess to enjoy.

Pink Wands

2. Dress Up!

We don't just mean the children; you should also take part in the fancy dress. By joining in the fun and becoming a part of the party, you can make the party feel extra special. So find a magical outfit and join in the party fun!

3. A Tiara

What princess is complete without a beautiful tiara? Tiaras are an important item for a princess costume. No princess costume is complete without one and we have many to choose from. From

self assembly tiaras to wonderful elasticated tiara, we have something for everyone.

Feather Tiara

4. Princess Food

Make the party feel extra special with princess themed party food. Make little fairy cakes or cupcakes with lots of colourful icing to create a colourful and magical effect for your child's party. You could even add a princess table setting!

Princess Diva Table Setting

5. Accessories

Choose some pretty and fun accessories for the party to bring the magic to life. Perhaps these butterfly happy birthday balloons will help make the princess birthday party feel more magical?

Butterflies Happy Birthday Balloon

6. Princess Party Games

You could play various different princess themed games. For example, you could hide a slipper somewhere in the room and ask all the guests to find "Cinderella's lost slipper".

You could also take popular party game and give it a princess twist, so instead of musical statues, you could call it Royale Statues. Or instead of stick the tail on a donkey, you could play put the tiara on the princess. You could even play a

princess version of pass the parcel, called pass the royal treasure.

7. Make Your Party Invitations Extra Special

Start the princess theme at the invitations. One way you can do this is by starting the invitation with the words "Once Upon A Time". Alternatively you could start the invitation with a "Hear Ye! Hear Ye!"

8. Princess Themed Toys

What princess birthday party is complete without some wonderful toys for the children to enjoy?

On our online store we have a fantastic collection of princess themed toys for a princess party. We have glow in the dark glow bandz, fairy sticker activity books, glow in the dark magnetic butterflies, wooden princess Bif-Baf bats and fairy gliders!

With such a wonderful selection of wonderful toys for your child's princess birthday party, you'll be spoiled for choice!

Wooden Princess Bif-Baf Bat

9. How About A Princess Themed Piñata?

Piñatas are a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday. With lots of people taking turns to break open the piñata and release the hidden treats inside!

Your little princess will be delighted with our unicorn heart piñata!

Unicorn Heart Pinata

10. Princess Themed Party Bags!

A fantastic way to end an incredible birthday party is with princess themed party bags.

At All About Party Bags, we're all about party bags! We have a fantastic selection of princess party bags full of fantastic princess party bag fillers such as:

Playful Princess Party Bag

Considering A Themed Birthday Party For Your Child?

If you want to do something different this year for your child's birthday party, consider a themed party. It is important that you start planning the party early; you'll need to consider things such as what decorations you

want to use, the food you'll serve and the venue you're hosting the event at.

We have a fantastic selection of decorations for birthday parties for a variety of themes, including princess themes but also army, jungle & zoo, super heroes, fairies and many more!

We also have a selection of fun games and accessories for birthday parties and can provide busy bags to keep the little ones entertained. So, if you are searching for a way to keep the little ones busy at a wedding, consider our Wedding Busy Bags.

For Princess Themed Party Bags And Many Other Fabulous Party Items, Visit All About Party Bags!

If you are searching for party bags for birthday parties or princess party bag fillers for a princess birthday party, come to All About Party Bags. With a fantastic selection of princess themed party items from tiaras to

wands; you'll be spoiled for choice! Over the years we have created a variety of different party bags filled

with goodies suitable for children of various ages. We have party bags suitable for children from babies to teens! What incredible items will be in your child's party bag? Head over to our website to find out!

If you would like more information regarding our princess party bag fillers or if you have any questions regarding any of the fabulous items available on our online store. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and

dedicated team.

You can contact our team in a variety of different ways:

You can also find us on social media!

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