3 Ideas For Disney Themed Parties

With the retelling of the Disney classic Aladdin reaching the cinema soon, we’re feeling some party inspiration. So here’s a list of 3 tips for Disney themed birthday parties.

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Disney Children’s Party Ideas 

  1. Make/Buy a Cake
    Whilst organising your child’s birthday party you’ll need a delicious themed birthday cake for them. If you’re skilled with baking, you might want to make your own Disney themed cake, however if you’re running low on time or you’re not so skilled at making cakes, you could alternatively decide to purchase a Disney themed cake.

    If you’ve decided to make a cake, you can find lots of delicious cake recipes from the official Disney Family website. For example, a Hidden Mickey Mouse cake, a Lion King Cupcake Cake, and much more.

  2. A Trip To The Cinema
    There are lots of awesome Disney movies being released in 2019 and 2020, including films in the Star Wars and Marvel universes, but also some fantastic live-action remakes.

    For example, Guy Ritchie is directing a live-action version of the Disney classic Aladdin, which includes Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, and Will Smith as the Genie. Some other great Disney films to look forward to include the next film in the Toy Story series, Toy Story 4 which sees the return of a beloved character, Bo Peep and will be out in the cinemas June 21st.  Another film many are excited for is the live- action retelling of The Lion King with a star-studded voice cast including big names such as Donald Glover and Beyoncé. This retelling of a Disney classic is being brough to live by the director of Iron Man and The Jungle Book, Jon Favreau and its trailer has already got many people bursting with excitement and we won’t have to wait much longer because it’ll be released on the 19th of July.

    This isn’t all of the awesome Disney films we have to look forward to in the near future. After all, Disney is a serious powerhouse in the world of cinema, owning Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, which means that everything in the Avengers, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates, Toy Story, Cars universes, in addition to the Disney live-action remakes are Disney films. It’s going to be a big year for Disney Cinema.

  3. Get Some Awesome Decorations
    There are lots of Disney films to choose from when organising a Disney themed birthday party for your little one, so it would be a very long list indeed if we listed every party decoration that you could choose. So in an attempt to not spoil you for choice with a flood of Disney themed party decorations, here are a few quick suggestions for decorating your child’s birthday party.

    Keep things simple, whilst it may be tempting to go a little overboard, if you cover the party venue in lots of different decorations, it could be very overwhelming and people might not be able to fully appreciate the decorate. Instead, choose a set of characters or a story. For example, you could choose a Disney princesses theme and decorate different areas of the party venue with pictures of a specific princess and use party decorations in a colour associated with that colour. For example, blue for Cinderella, yellow for Belle, and Pink for Sleeping Beauty.

Choosing Your Party Bags

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Need More Party Inspiration?

If you need some suggestions and help organising your child’s birthday party, we recommend visiting the All About Party Bags blog. Our blog is filled with lots of fantastic suggestions, advice, and tips to help you make sure your little one’s special day is extra special.

For example, some of the great blogs on our website include advice about what to girl’s party bag fillers to choose and a list of four helpful suggestions For Personalising Your Child’s Birthday Party.

You can also learn about other party bag and party planning related topics, such as a list of tips to help you throw a great party, and a list of suggestions for gender neutral party bags.

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