3 Suggestions For A World Cup Party

If you’re planning a party to celebrate England’s next game in the World Cup, you’ll need some fantastic party activities, party food, and party bags bag fillers.

The World Cup 2018

The World Cup started in 1930 and was hosted in Uruguay. The host nation won the cup defeating Argentina 4-2 in the final. However, this year, the host nation is Russia, and England recently defeated Columbia on penalties, progressing onto the quarter finals where they will face Sweden on the 07/07.

The next England game is only a few days away, so if you want to plan a party this weekend, you’ll need some great party accessories and some fantastic party bags. Fortunately you can find both of those on the All About Party Bags online store!

3 Suggestions For A World Cup Party

We understand that planning a party can sometimes be difficult and challenging. So, to give you a helping hand, here’s a quick list of 3 suggestions for a football themed World Cup party!

  1. Choose Some Delicious Party Food
    If you’re hosting a party, you’ll need to choose a selection of snacks and party food.
    Seeing as the next game for England is England Vs Sweden, perhaps it could be a fun idea to serve some food from both England and Sweden. If the idea of choosing some snacks from both nations playing against each other interests you, perhaps you could serve Toast Skagen (also known as Skagenröra ) for Sweden. However, for something English themed, perhaps you could use cream and jam to make a St Georges cross on a scone?

    However, you’ll also need some great football themed party plates and a table setting. On our online store, you can browse through a selection of table settings including a Football Party Table Setting so you can enjoy your snacks whilst watching the game on some football themed party plates!

    Additionally, any adults attending the party might want to try a selection of beers from the countries which are still in the World Cup which are Uruguay, France, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Croatia, Sweden, and England. Perhaps you could host a ‘blind tasting’ game where people have to guess which country matches which beer?
  2. Create Some Themed Party Bags
    If children are attending the party, do not forget about party bags! If you would like to create your own football themed party bags, you could browse through our selection of party bags bag fillers. Indeed, we have many party bag fillers to choose from including numerous football themed products such as an England Flag, an England Football Strip Eraser, or Single Football Tattoos.

    However, if you are concerned about not having enough time to create your own football themed party bags for the match this weekend, do not worry because we have lots of wonderful readymade party bags to choose from, such as a Foul Football Quiz Party Bag, a Table Football Party Bag, or a Football Sticker Party Bag.
  3. Don’t Forget About Party Accessories
    Whilst things such as party food, party bags, and activities are very important, it is also important that you do not forget about party accessories. Indeed, often the little things can make a big difference.

    So when organising your World Cup party, don’t forget about party hats! We have a fantastic selection of party hats to choose from, including this Soccer Party Hat! This could be a fantastic accessory to add that finishing touch to your football party.

2 World Cup Facts!

  1. The country who has won the World Cup the most times is Brazil with a total of 5 wins? They are closely followed by Germany and Italy who both have four wins.
  2. This year the easternmost host city is Ekaterinburg and westernmost host city is Kaliningrad. The distance between these two cities is over 1500 miles. This is a similar distance from Moscow to London!

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