3 Suggestions For Summertime Birthday Parties

3 Suggestions For Summertime Birthday Parties

Summertime is great for lots of wonderful parties, ranging from tasty family BBQs to an awesome poolside birthday party. So whatever type of party your organising this summer, remember you can get all the party bag fillers and party supplies you need from All About Party Bags.

If you’re worried about not having enough time to make your own don’t worry, here at All About Party Bags, we’re all about the party bags so we have a great selection of readymade pre-filled party bags , so you can focus on getting everything ready for your little one’s special day.

3 Suggestions For Summertime Birthday Parties

Not sure what type of party to organise for your little one’s birthday this summer? Here’s a quick list of 3 ideas to give you some food for thought.

1. Outdoor Sports Or Activities
Sports themed parties are great because the entertainment is really simple. After all, with a sports themed party, all you need is a ball and a referee to keep the children entertained.

Another great idea is paintballing. However, if you’re considering a paintballing party, it is important to remember to check if your local paintballing venue has an age limit. Whilst some venues have age limits, many others have specifically designed events for younger players. For example, UK Paintball writes in their FAQ section, “Most venues have a minimum age requirement of 15 years old but we also have venues that start from 11 years plus.”

2. A Summer BBQ
A great party needs an awesome party food and arguably one of the country’s favourite foods for the summertime is the good old BBQ. This style of party is great because it doesn’t need to be super fancy; often keeping things simple and sticking to a casual menu is a great idea. With tasty burgers, delicious hot dogs, and lots of other family favourites.

This style of party is great for families, as there’s something for everyone at a BBQ party. The grownups can enjoy some time with each other bonding over shared interests, children can spend time with their friends and perhaps even make some new ones, and everyone together can enjoy the summertime weather whilst enjoying tasty food.

3. Pool Party
If you own your own swimming pool, you could perhaps play a game of water polo or water volleyball. If the pool is deep enough, you could also have a diving competition with some fun prizes being given to the winners. Some great prizes could be found by browsing through our selection of party bag fillers.

With regards to party food for a pool party this summer, there are lots of fun options for example, perhaps you could serve some cold snacks to help the party guests to stay cool in the heat; perhaps a tasty cold fruit flavoured dessert? Additionally, if adults are attending the party, perhaps you could create a watermelon tequila cocktail using this recipe from Food & Wine .

Don’t Forget About Party Bags

No children’s birthday party is complete without goodie bags, don’t make sure you don’t forget about them. However, if you’re running short of time there’s no need to panic. We have a great selection of readymade party bags on our online store, ideal for busy parents who are short on time. On the other hand if you would rather make your own party bags, we also have a great selection of party bag fillers and loot bags to choose from, allowing you to create customised party bags that you child and their friends will love.

Need Some Party Inspiration? Check Out The All About Party Bags Blog

We understand that with lots to plan and organise, and with so many different party themes to choose from, organising your child’s birthday party can quickly get overwhelming. So if you need some more inspiration or some advice, we recommend visiting our blog; it’s filled with lots of tips, suggestions, and advice to help you make sure that your little one’s special day is extra special.

For example, some of the great blogs on our website include advice about what to girl’s party bag fillers to choose and a list of four helpful suggestions For Personalising Your Child’s Birthday Party . However, if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the whole party planning process, we have a blog to help with that too, a list of 9 Tips To Minimise Stress When Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party .

However, if you would prefer more visual based inspiration, we recommend visiting our Pinterest page. It has lots of Pinterest boards for party inspiration such as super hero cake ideas, vintage party ideas, and piñatas! So regardless of the party theme, it’s a great place to get inspired.

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