4 Winter Party Theme Ideas

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There's no doubt that winter's here - there's a bite in the air, the leaves are gone from the trees and Christmas frenzy is well and truly under way.

If you're throwing your children a party this winter you may be struggling to come up with a suitable theme. After all, a straightforward Christmas party isn't very exciting and your child will doubtlessly attend lots of them over the holidays.

If you fancy doing something a little different there are lots of themes to choose from - it just requires a little know-how about how to pull them off!

Here is our guide to the best winter party themes.

Snowman Theme

Other than Father Christmas, there's no character more central to the winter season than the snowman, and it can provide the perfect theme for your children's party. The dress code is obvious - get everyone to dress as snowmen! This can range from an ultra-simple outfit consisting of a white t-shirt, leggings and face paint to going the whole hog.

A fun decoration idea is to make life-size snowman decorations by cutting out body parts from coloured card and then sticking all the pieces together; you simply need white for the head and body, black for the hat, eyes, mouth and buttons, and orange for the nose. Alternatively, these sock snowmen are really cute.

There are lots of great snowman themed party games that you could play. A great twist on a classic is 'musical snowmen'. Get the kids to dance around to songs such as The Snowman's 'Walking in the Air', and when the music stops they have to freeze in the position of a snowman - whoever is the last to freeze is out. Reward the winner of the game with gifts such as:

- These Snowman and Reindeer Masks

- These Christmas Pencil with Eraser

Penguin Party

Another great winter party theme is penguins. Kids love these funny little characters, and you can have lots of fun dressing up and decorating.

For an easy penguin costume you can simply pair black leggings with a white top, and craft a beak out of orange cardboard rolled into a cone and secured around the head with elastic. A great idea is to make a penguin hat out of a black beanie.

Take inspiration from Pingu and decorate your home with cardboard igloo fronts - you can easily make them by cutting sections out of white card, sticking them together and drawing on brick detailing.

There are lots of fun games you can play at your penguin party. One of our favourites is magnet fishing - cut fish shapes out of cardboard and attach them to magnet stickers, which are available from most craft shops. Drop them into a bin or laundry basket, and create fishing rods with sticks and string with a paper clip attached to the end. The child to pick up the most fish in five minutes is the winner! Reward them with treats such as:

- These Santa or and Penguin Masks

- These Jolly Christmas Tattoos

Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland theme makes for a magical atmosphere and gives you the chance to really go all out with décor. Fancy dress can simply be winter themed and it can be fun to take inspiration from films such as Narnia.

To properly create a winter wonderland you need to completely transform your party space - it might be best to stick to one room so as not to overstretch yourself! Hang bed sheets from the walls and cover the floors with white material (head to a market for a budget option!). Buy a number of Christmas trees and cover them in snow spray, and dot around stuffed animals for a winter forest.

Hang snowflakes around the room and buy fake icicles from craft shops. Hanging cotton balls on fishing lines creates a falling snow effect.

A great winter themed games is 'blow the snowball'. Divide the children into two teams and put them on different sides of the room. Get them to blow through a straw to blow a cotton ball across the room - whichever team reaches the other side of the room first wins! Reward the winning team with treats such as:

- This yummy sweet selection

Santa's Workshop

For a fun alternative to the normal Christmas party theme try creating Santa's workshop. Get everyone to dress up as Santa's Little Helpers in elf costumes - these DIY versions are adorable.

Decoration is simple - get as many toys as you can together and put them in the party room. You could create a 2D sledge from coloured cardboard and blue tack it to the wall to make it extra realistic.

A great game to play is gift wrap relay. Create teams, and get the kids (or elves!) to run to a table and wrap a cardboard box. Whichever team wraps all of their boxes first, wins the game. Reward the winners with gifts such as:

- These Christmas Stencils

- These Gold or Silver Blow Outs

There are lots of great winter party themes that don't just stick to the same old Christmas routine - all it requires is a little imagination! These great ideas should put a smile on your kids' faces.

Do you have any winter party theme ideas? Let us know in the comments.

Image by Homayon Zeary

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