5 Great Party Bag Ideas!

If you are planning a birthday party for your child, choosing what to put inside party bags can be very difficult and very time consuming. Here are 5 party bag ideas to give you some food for thought!

  • How About A Magical Theme? Magic parties are a great idea. You could hire a children's entertainer to do lots of fun magic tricks for the children and hand out party bags filled with lots of magic themed goodies.If you would like to create your own party bags, we have a great selection of goodies available on our online store to give you plenty of party bag ideas, and we also have lots of empty bags and boxes to put the little treats in!

  • Space Theme! ZOOM! WOOSH! ZAP! Space themes are fantastic for birthday parties, and there are lots of great treats that you can put into a party bag for a space themed party. If you need some party bag ideas, how about a rocket balloon, or an alien catapult? Or you could go with a party bag classic; some fun snaps! 

  • Do They Have A Favourite Superhero? If your child likes superheroes, you could design a party built around the fantastic and entertaining world of superheroes. Lots of people (both adults and children) enjoy the many stories about superheroes and there are lots of heroes to choose from. |If you're not familiar with superheroes, it would be a good idea to do some research beforehand. The superhero genre is full of fantastic works of literature, film, television and art; whilst some stories in this genre are child friendly, some plotlines and some characters are not. If you're not a fan of the genre, don't worry there are websites dedicated to providing information about characters and storylines. For example, to research heroes such as Spiderman or Ironman, you could visit the Marvel Database or to research characters such as The Flash or Superman, you could visit the DC Database.With lots of different superhero themed toys to choose from, it could be difficult and time consuming to make your own party bags. Instead of searching for party bag ideas, why don't you instead search for some pre-filled party bags? We have a fantastic selection of filled party bags on our website to choose from, including superhero themed party bags! 

  • Does Your Child Love Animals? Many parents with children that love animals take their child to the local zoo or aquarium for their birthday. If you have a child that loves animals and you're doing just that and having a zoo/aquarium birthday party, we have fantastic animal themed party bags to choose from. If they love sea life and you need party bags for an aquarium party, we have a fantastic selection sea life bags to choose from. If your child loves the zoo, we have some great zoo themed party bags to choose from.If your child loves dinosaurs and you're taking them to a local museum that has a dinosaur exhibition, we have some fantastic pre-filled party bags with a selection of dinosaur goodies inside, such as dinosaur toys, dinosaur themed activity books and even dinosaur themed playing cards which can be a fun way to help teach children about numbers with fun games like SNAP!As with our other filled party bags, you can also purchase themed party bag fillers. This way if you want to make your own party bags and give them that extra special personal touch, you can! 

  • Visit All About Party Bags! If you're looking for party bag ideas, browse our online store. We have a fantastic selection of pre-filled party bags and party bag fillers.In addition to the fantastic selection of filled party bags and party bag fillers, you can also purchase pass the parcels from our online store! We understand that creating your own pass the parcel can be difficult, but with All About Party Bags, finding a pass the parcel for your child's birthday party can be as easy as a few clicks!

A Great Selection Of Party Bag Ideas From All About Party Bags!

If you're searching for party bag ideas, visit All About Party Bags. We have well over 500 pre-filled party bags available to choose from, and numerous themes to browse such as: superheroes, space, aliens, zoos, football, and butterflies!

Additionally, if you have your own party bag ideas and would like to create your own party bags, you can browse through a fantastic range of goodies to include in your own goodie bags! Search through our selection of party bag fillers; everything is tried and tested by children in our own Play Centre!

Not Just For Birthday Parties!

Party bags are a fantastic way to finish a child's birthday party, but they are not just for birthday parties. Also known as busy bags or children's wedding favours, you can use party bags to help keep children entertained and occupied during the wedding reception.

If the idea of wedding busy bags/children's wedding favours interests you, you can browse through a selection of busy bags in various different themes, all containing fantastic goodies for the little ones. Our bags are available in both standard and deluxe busy bags, such as the Deluxe Robot Creator Wedding Busy Bag or the Basic Dinosaur Wedding Busy Bag.

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