5 Party Bag Ideas For A Child's Birthday Party!

Spring/Summer is a great time for children's birthday parties. There are numerous themes and activities that you can choose from, but what children's birthday party is complete without party bags?

There are numerous different themes and ideas that you could choose from for your child's birthday party. However, with such a large number to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision. To give you a helping hand, here are 5 ideas for your child's birthday party!

  • Star Wars Birthday Party! The new Star Wars movie is coming out this Christmas and children (and adults) are very excited. There are various different directions you can take with a star wars themed party, with lots of films and numerous cartoons to choose from; you'll have lots of choice with regards to decorations!If you're looking to add some DIY magic to your child's birthday party, you could use duct tape and black electrical tape with a blue, green or red pool noodle to create DIY lightsabers! You could also use your DIY skills, some craft fabric and some thick string to create DIY Jedi robes!After choosing a great star wars themed cake (or putting your chef hat on and making your own) all that's left is to choose some awesome party bags. If all this planning, DIY and possibly baking has left you feeling tired, no worries. Have a nice relax and browse through our fantastic collection of filled party bags. However, if you want to make your own party bags, we have a great choice of empty boxes and loot bags that you can fill with your own goodies! (Maybe a slice of delicious birthday cake, YUM!)

  • LEGO! LEGO is fun for people of various ages. With sets designed for children aged 0-2 and sets for children aged 12+; many people can enjoy the exciting building brick play sets!LEGO is popular because it inspires imagination and creativity, and a LEGO inspired birthday party for your child is a great opportunity for you to use your own creativity! If your child is a fan of LEGO then you could use these building blocks to create a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAME" for them to see when they wake up. To add a LEGO touch to the birthday cake, you could take a square cake, and add small cookies to make the cake look more like a building brick from the popular building brick play set.

  • Pokemon! Was your child outside catching zubats and whatever other Pokemon they could find outside when Pokemon Go was released? Maybe this would make a great choice of a themed party for them?One of the great things about Pokemon is that people of various ages can get involved. This means that older siblings or any older children invited to the party won't feel 'left out' because like Star Wars, Pokemon is a fun fictional universe that can be enjoyed by both children and adults!There are numerous different things you could do for a Pokemon party, for example you could use red, white and black coloured icing to create Pokeball inspired cupcakes! These would make fantastic treats for guests to take home in their party bags!

  • MINIONS! The minions are loved by lots of children (and some grownups too!). You could even dress up for the party; wearing blue jean overalls just like the minions in the movies!A Minion party would be a great choice, firstly because there are so many different pieces of merchandise available for purchase which could be great for party decoration; but also because minions often say "BANANA!". So it could be a great opportunity to add a piece of fruit to a child's birthday party, which are often populated by large amounts of sweets and sugary drinks.

  • Football! With the summer months approaching, a game of football can be a wonderful way for children to enjoy themselves at a party. You can prepare various healthy snacks and bottles of water for the children to eat and drink when taking regular breaks. It might also be helpful to bring an extra grown up to be the referee!If a football themed party sounds interesting, we have a great selection of filled party bags to choose from, such as the Table Football Party Bag which includes a sturdy little table football game, a football notepad, a retractable pen, three boys black wristbands and optional sweets; this all comes in a worthwhile football themed party bag. However, if you would like to make your own party bags, we have a great selection of football themed party bag fillers and we have a fantastic football loot bag that you can put them in!

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