5 Party Themes From The Last Decade

5 Party Themes From The Last Decade

The 2010s were an awesome decade for party themes; some of our favourites include many of the awesome Marvel movies with memorable superheroes, and the Disney movies with the new unforgettable Disney princesses. So if you’re looking for some party bag ideas or just some inspiration for some themes or decorations for your child’s birthday later this year, we have an awesome list to check out.

  1. Superhero Movies
    With superheroes and superhero movies being popular amongst both children and adults, there’s no surprise the last decade saw lots of birthday parties with superhero themes. Last decade we were treated to awesome superhero movies including the whole Avengers Series from Avengers Assemble in 2012 to Avengers Endgame in 2019, The Lego Batman Movie, and The Incredibles 2 movie, a sequel to the 2004 film which was eagerly awaited by fans.

  2. Unicorn
    Lots of children love unicorns; they’re a magical creature that has been featured in lots of children’s literature. They’re also a great choice because they’re very simple to plan for, all you need is lots of pastel shades of pinks, purples, and blues, and of course a lot of glitter.

    The internet is full of advice regarding unicorn foods, beverages, and party games. A quick search will pull up loads suggestions such as this list of 25 Show-Stopping Unicorn Party Food Ideas on My Kids Time. However, if you’re concerned about not having enough time to make party bags after decorating your home with lots of unicorn themed decorations, don’t worry you can find lots of fun unicorn themed readymade party bags on our online store.

  3. Glow In The Dark
    This party theme was quite popular in the past few years; after all there are lots of fun activities you can organise for a glow in the dark themed party. You could keep things simple by using glow sticks to make a game of glow in the dark noughts & crosses (also known as tic tac toe), another awesome ideas is to use some glow in the dark tape to create a hop scotch game. With a supply of glow in stickers, tape, and glow sticks, all you need is a little bit of imagination and creativity to create some awesome party games.

    In addition to the many fun glow in the dark party games, you could decorate the party invitations with glow in the dark accessories and decorate the party venue (or your home) with glow in the dark decorations such as glow in the dark tape or stickers. For more information regarding glow in the dark parties, we suggest reading our list of “6 Tips For A Glow In The Dark Children’s Party”. It discusses things such as safety, party favours, and glow in the dark party food.

  4. Star Wars
    We have been treated to a host of Star Wars films in the past decade. From The Force Awakens after the series was bought and revived by Disney in 2012, to the Star Wars Story movies like Rouge One which was released in 2016; Star Wars fans all over the world have been given lots of films to enjoy. However, the movies haven’t been the only awesome things children have been able to enjoy in the Star Wars universe. For example, the cartoon Star Wars Rebels ran from 2014 to 2018 and was enjoyed by both children and grownups.

    So it’s no wonder that Star Wars themed parties have been popular the past few years, and with the success of The Mandalorian towards the end of 2019 (coming to the UK via Disney+ later this year) fans are very excited for the next decade of Star Wars, and the new Star Wars adventures are sure to inspire more Star Wars themed parties.

    However, if your child is a fan of the original trilogy, the Prequels, or some of the recent sequels, you could still have an awesome cinema party. Did you know that many cinemas will allow for children’s parties to book films and have a private screening of a film of their choice? For example at Odeon cinemas you can book a private party which includes tickets to a private screening of a current of classic film.

  5. Arts & Crafts
    This style of party has been popular for many years, not just the past decade and it’s likely to continue for many more years. However, arts and crafts parties saw a noticeable increase when more and more children started to make their own slime and parents began to host slime parties. The parties are quite quick to organise too, just get some slime making packs, cover all the surfaces in a plastic drop cloth (similar to those used when painting a room) and you’re good to go. However, if you’re unsure where to purchase the slime, we have an awesome selection of slime products on our online store including make your own slime kits and full of slime party bags.

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