5 Steps For A Wonderful Winter Birthday Party On A Budget

When organising a party for your child, there’s a lot to consider so it can be understandable if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. So if you need some help and advice organising a stress-free party that doesn’t break the bank this winter but still has awesome things like party bags and tasty party food, here’s a quick list of 5 tips.

Don’t Forget These 5 Party Planning Steps This Winter

Christmas is on its way, so it’s fair to say that every penny counts. As such, if you’re organising a birthday party for your child during November or December and you need some tips for organising an affordable party, don’t worry All About Party Bags is here to help.

  1. First Things First – Set A Budget
    Before you organise any party, before you think about decorations, start organising party food, or even before you start looking for party bag fillers, you need to set yourself a budget. Whilst shopping for various different party items is lots of fun and is an exciting time, setting a budget is an essential first step for successful party planning.

    In addition to setting a budget for the entire party, it might also be a good idea to split the budget into different sections. After you have decided how much you want to spend on the party in total, delegate amounts from that budget to different sections, for example food, decorations, games, gifts etc.etc.

  2. Do You Need To Hire A Venue?
    If you’re concerned about your budget when organising your party, a great way to save money is to host the party at your home, however if you’re considering hiring a third party venue to host the party, make sure that it large enough to comfortably hold the number of guests you’re inviting and make sure that it is easy to get to. If you’re unsure where all of the party guests live, a good way to make sure that is it easy for all the guests to reach is to choose a party venue that is easy to get to from your child’s school.

  3. Can You Save Money With Party Food?
    There are lots of ways that you can keep costs low when organising a birthday party during winter for your child. One great way to spread the cost is through party food. For example, you could host a pot luck style party where every party guest brings a dish and everyone eats together. However, if you choose to host a party with pot luck style food, make sure that everyone preparing dishes has access to a list of any allergies or intolerances that party guests have so everyone can avoid those dishes.

    Alternatively, you could opt to serve a small buffet of snacks and hosting the party after lunch time so that you don’t have to provide a large dinner meal for all the guests.

  4. Don’t Try To ‘Outdo The Other Parents’
    It can be very easy to get competitive when organising a birthday party, however it is very important that you do not try and compete with other children’s parents. Remember that when organising your child’s birthday party, you’re organising a party for your child, so ‘outdoing’ Kevin’s parents is not your primary goal, planning an awesome party for your child is.

    Don’t judge the party on the envy of other parents – judge it on how happy your child is on their birthday. After all, it’s their special day.

  5. Party Bags – Keep It Simple
    When organising a party on a budget, it can often be difficult to decide what to put inside party bags, however with All About Party Bags, you can browse through our list of party bag fillers and choose a selection of affordable goodies to put inside loot bags.

    Additionally, if you’re busy organising other areas of the party and you need to ‘buy some time’, instead of making your own party bags you could purchase some readymade party bags in a variety of different themes from our online store. Some of the themes and styles available include space and aliens, animals, superheroes, fairytales, and more.

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