5 Super Cool Dinosaurs

Is your son or daughter mad about dinosaurs? Why not throw them an awesome dinosaur themed birthday party this year? With lots of goodie bags and party bag fillers to choose from All About Party Bags is the ideal place to shop whilst you organise a party for your son or daughter.

5 Super Cool Dinosaurs

If you’re organising a dinosaur themed birthday party for your child, you’re going to need to include some awesome dinosaurs.

  1. Triceratops
    This dinosaur looks really cool, however it was suggested that the Triceratops is the juvenile form of the Torosaurus and the species is similar to a buck. The similarity is due to the horns/antlers; as a buck grows older their antlers become increasingly more elaborate. It’s theorised that similar to bucks, as the Triceratops grows older, its head crest becomes more elaborate, which is what led to them being potentially mistaken for a different species.

  2. The T-Rex
    The “king of the tyrant lizards” the tyrannosaurus rex is amongst the deadliest of any animal that as ever lived on the planet. If you think a Great White Shark’s teeth are scary, the T-Rex has a bite force three times the strength, which means it has the strongest bite of any animal that has ever lived on land.

  3. Troodon Formosus
    Whilst not as well known as many other dinosaurs, this one is very important to scientists. It’s thought that this small carnivorous dinosaur is the link between reptiles and birds, and with a significantly large brain (considering the size of the animal) it’s theorised that it was almost as intelligent as the birds of today; perhaps explaining why they were amongst the last dinosaurs to go extinct.

  4. Velociraptor
    These dinos have been made famous by films such as Jurassic Park, however in real like they looked distinctly different than they are presented in fiction. Whilst some similarities exist such as a large claw on their second finger, they are slower than perceived in fiction and a lot smaller. They were actually around the size of a big turkey, and their brain wasn’t that powerful, maybe as intelligent as an Emu.

  5. Brontosaurus
    No dinosaur list is complete without the Brontosaurus. Upon hearing the name, lots of people recognise the dinosaur as a large plant eater with a massively long neck. However, as many dinosaur lovers will know, for well over a century, scientists have been pretty convinced that this dinosaur never actually existed. That’s because the first skeleton presented as a Brontosaurus was instead the body of an Apatosaurus, with a Camarosaurus’ skull. However, real or not; the giant plant-eater is a staple of all dinosaur events and is a very popular fan favourite.

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