5 Tips For Planning A Birthday Party Before Xmas

With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, time is short for parents whose children’s birthdays are before Christmas. So to lend a helping hand and give you some food for thought, here’s some ideas for organising the party, choosing decorations, and buying party bag fillers.

 Organising Your Child’s Birthday Before Christmas

  1. Decide On Your Budget
    With Christmas only a few weeks away, proper budgeting is essential. You need to make sure that you have enough money set aside for Christmas expenses, and your child’s birthday expenses; including the birthday party.

    It’s also a very good idea to include some emergency funds in the budget for both your child’s birthday expenses and the Christmas expenses, that way should something happen, such as a venue cancels and you need to choose a more expensive venue; you have the funds to cover the costs without needing to reorganise the party with even less time.

  2. Choose A Party Theme
    Deciding on a party theme is not only a great way to organise an awesome party, it’s also a great way to save time. By choosing a theme you’re also narrowing down the choices for a lot of other areas of the party. For example, in a Batman themed party, choosing the colours of decorations such as party balloons is simple; follow the colour scheme of batman with black and yellow balloons.

    Additionally, choosing a theme can also provide lots of assistance when deciding on what party games and activities you would like to play at the party. For example, if your child loves to bowl, booking an evening at the bowling alley with some of their friends and decorating the alley’s function room to match the colours of one of their favourite Super Heroes is a quick and simple way to organise an awesome party that’s tailored to your child and will make them feel special.

  3. Keep Party Food Simple
    When organising the party food for your child’s birthday, it’s best to keep things simple since you’re working with a short time frame. You don’t have months of time in advance to find the perfect recipe, so stick to a simple theme and work around it.

    This is another area where a party theme can be extremely useful. Again using the example of a Batman themed party, you could have a batman fairycake for each party guest, or if you’re a fan of baking, you could take one afternoon to make lots of cookies and use a Batman themed cookie cutter, some black and yellow icing and make your own Batman cookies for the party.

    However, whilst you’re short on time and trying to organise the party in just a few weeks, it is still essential that you ask for dietary information from the parents of all the children attending the party. So make sure you ask if anyone has any important dietary restrictions regarding any allergies or intolerances. After all you wouldn’t want to set up a table of delicious party snacks with a tasty peanut butter filling, only to learn at the last moment that some guests have a peanut allergy.

  4. Remember, It’s Not A Competition
    We understand that people are competitive and as parents it can be very easy to get into a competitive mindset regarding children’s birthday party. However, remember that the party is for your child, it is not a competition. ‘Outdoing’ other parents at your child’s school isn’t the goal of the party, planning a super cool and awesome party for your child is. So remember to talk to your child about what they want, and judge the party’s success on the happiness of your child, not the envy of other parents.

  5. Don’t Forget About Party Bags
    Shopping around for party bags can be a real bother, visiting lots of different shops finding the right little goodies at good prices to include in them can take up so much time that you might consider just giving up and not having party bags this year.

    However, here at All About Party Bags we understand this struggle. That’s why we have a diverse collection of over a thousand different party bag fillers to choose from; all of which are organised by theme so you can quickly narrow them down to the gifts and treats that are best suited to your child’s birthday party.

    However, if you are really short on time and you’re worried you won’t have time to build the party bags yourself, don’t worry. Our online store also has over 500 pre-filled readymade party bags to choose from, which are suitable for a diverse range of different ages, genders, and interests. Our readymade range of party bags is the ideal choice for parents who are in a rush, or those who simply want to spend more time with their children in the days before their birthday.

Need More Party Tips & Inspiration?

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Our blog also has a lot of other tips and suggestions, including advice for parents who are struggling to organise birthday parties for children at certain age groups. For example, we have lists of both party ideas for babies and party ideas for teens.

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