5 Top Tips For Summer Parties

We all love the summer weather, however whilst hosting a party outdoors during the summer heat can be lots of fun, it is very important to stay safe. So here are a few quick safety tips to make sure that you have fun whilst you’re out in the sun this summer, and the first tip includes some clever uses of party bag fillers.

5 Tips For Summer Parties

1. Stay Cool
Everyone loves the summer heat, but in order to enjoy the weather, it’s important to stay cool; but don’t worry health and safety doesn’t have to ruin the party vibe. For example, party guests could have a water fight with water balloons and water pistols , filled with cool chilled water. This way people keep each other cool whilst playing together at the party; the grown-ups could even join in.

2. Keep Hydrated
It seems like a simple thing to say, however time flies when you’re having fun and before you know it everyone has been playing outside in the hot summer weather for a few hours. So when organising a summer party, it’s a good idea to think tactically about how to keep everyone hydrated. In addition to making water easily available, it’s also a great idea to serve food with high water content, which could also to keep people cool. After all, who doesn’t love a delicious piece of melon during the summertime, or if you’re looking for a sweet treat, what about ice cream?

3. Wear Sun Cream
Playing outside in the sun is great, but sunburn isn’t! So, make sure that everyone is wearing sun cream. Whilst you’re organising the party, choose a few sun protection products and keep them in a bucket in the shade; that way they’re easily on hand to reapply. Additionally, it might be a good idea of enlist the help of other grownups at the party, that way children can enjoy the outdoors and the brief British summer for as long as possible.

4. Don’t Eat Too Many Sweets
A big concern for many parents with children’s parties is the amount of sugary treats served up. However, before you start designing your menu, it’s important to check if any of the party guests have any food allergies and make any necessary arrangements.

That being said, you don’t have to completely abandon unhealthy foods, after all it is a party. Just remember to keep things in moderation, so maybe during the hottest part of the day; everyone could have an ice cream break. This helps to prevent children from getting over-heated, whilst also allowing everyone to enjoy a sweet treat.

5. Watch For The Signs Of Heatstroke
During the summer heat, lots of children will be playing and enjoying the summer time. Whilst keeping active is important for their health, it’s important that as the responsible adult, you watch for the signs of heatstroke.

Whilst heatstroke can be a serious issue, if the individual doesn’t cool down within 30 minutes the condition is considered an emergency. Some of the signs include cramps in arms, legs, and stomach, excessive sweating, dizziness and confusion, a temperature above 38c, and children may also become floppy and sleepy. If you notice any of these signs in an adult or a child at the party, make sure they drink plenty of water, move to a cool place, and if they are not cooling down and feeling better within 30 minutes, call 999. [Source NHS ]

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