8 Easy Garden Party Ideas

The weather has been so beautiful over the past month that it already feels like summer is here. However, the best months are yet to come and with them comes summer garden party season.

Throwing a garden party for your kids is lots of fun. The garden provides more space for activities, as well as making it possible to play 'messy' games that wouldn't be suitable for inside (remember to warn parents that the kids may get wet or dirty and to bring a change of clothes for their child!).

However, the best thing about a garden party is that it doesn't need to be complicated. Kids love running around in the fresh air, so a few simple activities will be all you need to keep them entertained.

Here are eight of our favourite easy garden party ideas.

Kids garden party - pirate game

1. Pirate water fight

Is there anything more fun than a water fight? Yes - a pirate water fight! You can easily build these 'pirate ships' by taping some old cardboard together and then cutting out portholes. Split the children into 'teams' and provide them with eye-patches, mini-water guns and a stash of water balloons and let the fun commence.

Kids garden party - water fight

2. Water balloon throw and catch

If you don't have the time to make cardboard pirate boats, a simple game of water balloon throw and catch can be just as fun! Get all the kids to stand in a circle and throw the balloon to anyone they choose, with the aim of catching them by surprise. If someone drops the balloon, they're out and it will explode, spraying everyone nearby with water. Sometimes, however, the balloon may just explode if someone catches it too roughly, giving them quite a surprise!

Kids garden party - hidden treasure game

3. Hidden treasure lucky dip

Continuing the pirate theme, hidden treasure lucky dip is lots of fun and easy to put together. Bury pirate themed goodies, such as this Pirate Mini Sticker Box, in a large container filled with sand. The little 'pirates' then have to dig for the buried treasure - whatever they find, they get to keep! Make sure you have a stash of pirate themed party bag fillers on hand in case there are any children who don't find anything (or in the case of potential disputes about who found what!).

Kids garden party - outdoor checkerboard game

4 . Outdoor checkerboard game

This activity is great for older children. Even if you don't have paving stones, such as those pictured above, you can easily set up a checkerboard in your garden. Simply cut large squares out of cardboard and lay them on the grass in a checkerboard fashion (you see an example here). If you're not sure about how to play checkers, you can find some simple instructions, here.

Kids garden party - three legged race

5. Three-legged race

The three-legged race never goes out of style and it's incredibly easy to put together. Just split the kids into pairs and tie their legs loosely together with a scarf (as pictured above). Whichever pair finishes the race first, wins.

Kids garden pool - paddling pool game

6. Paddling pool prize search

There's nothing better on a hot day than a cooling dip in the paddling pool. You can turn this activity into a fun party game by hiding weighted rings or other 'treasures' on the bottom, and making them harder to find by filling the pool with inflatable balls and floating toys. Each child gets 30 seconds to find as many 'treasures' as they can - for each one they find, give them a prize, such as this Stretchy Smiley Man.

Kids garden party - nature scavenger hunt

7. Nature scavenger hunt

Children are fascinated by everything to do with nature, so a nature themed scavenger hunt is a great activity- plus, it's educational! Give every child a list of things to find, including objects such as green leaves, brown leaves, pinecones and conkers. Then, set them a time limit and let them explore. You can offer prizes such as these Super Hero Tattoos.

Kids garden party - hide and seek

8. Hide and seek

This classic game never goes out of fashion and, despite its simplicity; it's easily one of the most loved children's activities. If you have a very small garden, the kids may struggle to find many hiding places, but middle to large sized gardens should provide plenty of ideal hideaways.

With summer just around the corner, there's no better time to start planning a garden party. And, with these easy ideas, you can have lots of fun and less of the stress!

Have you got any more easy garden party ideas for kids? Let us know in the comments.

Make sure young children are always closely supervised in the garden.

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