8 Great Party Games Ideas For Your Child's Birthday Party

For some, planning party games and activities for children's parties can be a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. With classic games such as pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey to other fun activities such as piñatas, there are lots to choose from.

Here is a list of 8 great party games and activities that you can include in your child's birthday party.

  • Pass The Parcel. It's a classic children's birthday party game for a reason. Lots of children love playing this game and many would argue that no children's party is complete without a fun game of pass the parcel. However, some parents find that pass the parcels are difficult to make and are also very time consuming to make.

All About Party Bags are here to help, save time and stress by ordering a readymade pass the parcel instead. If you're concerned that the parcel will not match the theme of your child's party, don't worry; we have a fantastic range of numerous different pass the parcels in a variety of different themes. Choose from parcels such as a Super Hero Ready Wrapped Pass the Parcel, Animals Wrapped Pass the Parcel, Unisex Wrapped Pass the Parcel and many more.


  • Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Another classic children's game. Pin the tail on the donkey is a great game that can be included in a wide range of children's birthday parties. Perhaps one of the great things about this game is that it can be edited to fit a wide variety of themed parties. For example, you can browse a selection of themed pin the tail on the donkey style games on the All About Party Bags online store such as, Stick the Nose on a Clown, Stick the Jewel on a Crown Game and more.


  • A Piñata. Piñatas are becoming popular in the United Kingdom, however they have been popular in numerous other countries for many years; perhaps this is because they are lots of fun and can be customised to match themed parties.If you're planning a unicorn themed birthday party for your child, you may be interested in visiting our Party Games & Piñatas section where you can find the Unicorn Heart Pinata. However, if you would like to make your own, there are numerous tutorials available online to show you how to create a piñata for a party.


  • Musical Chairs. If you have a themed party, you can easily transform musical chairs into a fun themed party game; just use music that matches the party's theme. Musical chairs is a wonderful game for parties of various different sizes, however if you have a large party, it might be a good idea to remove two chairs at a time in order to prevent the game from being too long.

  • Simon Says. Another classic party game that is easy to edit to match a themed party. If you're planning a Pirate themed party, "Cap'n Simon Says". If you're planning a comic book themed party, swap Simon for your child's favourite superhero, for example "Spiderman Says".


  • Water Balloon Toss. Whilst this game might at first appear difficult to edit for different party themes, with a bit of creativity you can change the name to match numerous different themes. However, if you can't think of a creative way to change the name of the game, it's still great fun to play; especially during the summertime.If you need some balloons for your water balloon toss game, visit our party bag fillers page and search for some Water Bombs.


  • Capture The Flag. The key to this game matching lots of different themes is that you don't have to use a flag. For example, if you are planning a superhero themed party for your child, you could use a superhero cape.

However, if you do want to flags for the game, you could always create a flag in the same theme as the party. Perhaps a picture of Spiderman for a Spiderman themed party or a picture of a shark for a sea life themed party?


  • Tag. A favourite for many children, this game is played at parks, playgrounds and at birthday parties. It can be a fun game to keep children occupied who arrive to the party early whilst you wait for everyone to arrive, or you can make a few changes to the game in order to match the party's theme.

Again for a superhero themed party, you could use a superhero cape or mask for the person who is "it" to wear. They become the superhero and must catch the super villains by tagging them; you could call the game something like 'catch the villain', 'chase the villain' or something else that matches the party theme.


Searching For Prizes For Themed Party Games?

If you have already planned some fantastic themed party games but need some prizes, don't worry. You can find a wonderful selection of goodies by browsing through our party bag fillers page. Not only do they make great treats to put into party bags, but they also make fantastic prizes for party games.


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