Are You Celebrating “Party With Your Bear Day”

There are lots of different celebrations throughout the year that you can take part in, including Talk Like A Pirate Day on September the 19th, Milk Day on January the 11th, and Ice Cream Day on July 21st. So if you’re planning a party for one of the many wonderful special occasions throughout the year, don’t forget about the readymade filled party bags and other children’s party supplies available on the All About Part Bags online store.

What Is “Party With Your Bear Day”?

Celebrated on November the 16th, the origins of this day are surrounded in obscurity; nobody really knows why this holiday exists, however there’s reason to suggest it probably has something to do with the idea of a Teddy Bear Picnic.

The idea of party with your bear day is to enjoy a picnic party with your teddy bears or another stuffed animal. To keep things simple with very young children, you could host a small party for their favourite stuffed animals and their siblings, however for older children you could host a larger party, where your children and their friends can enjoy a nice afternoon tea party with tasty pieces of cake and lots of fun party games.

Ideas For Bear Day Themed Party Bags?

If you’re unsure what to include in party bags for party with you bear day, worry not; our team of party bag experts have a quick list of three suggestions to give you some food for thought.

  1. Create A Bear Party Bags
    Our online party bag store has lots of readymade party bags to choose from including a diverse selection of different themes and activities, including stuffed animal building. With regards to a teddy bear, you could choose this Create a Cuddly Rainbow Bear Party Bag which can be customised with a vast selection of different teddy bear outfits.

    Alternatively, you could choose a different stuffed animal such as a husky, bunny rabbit, cow, lion, or an elephant.

  2. Tea Party Themed Party Bags
    The teddy bear tea party could be a great theme for a party on Party With Your Bear Day. However, for those of you in the northern hemisphere, as the holiday is celebrated in November, it’s important to stay inside and keep warm. So whilst the idea of a teddy bear picnic may be less fun indoors during winter, you could instead have a tea party and make the children feel as special as a perfect princess with party bags matching the princess tea party theme.

  3. Take The Party On A Learning Adventure
    This is a great opportunity for children who are a bit older, and even better for those with favourite animals that prefer colder climates, or can be found in aquariums, as the November weather can be quite chilly.

    Instead of hosting a tea party or a teddy bear party at home, you could take your children and some of their friends to visit a local aquarium or zoo, and choose party bags matching their favourite animals, such as turtles, sharks, and other wonderful sea life animals like jellyfish in aquariums, or animals such as penguins, or various winter loving mammals in zoos.

Searching For More Party Inspiration? Check Out The All About Party Bags Blog

Here at All About Party Bags, we’re all about the party bags, our blog is filled with lots of great suggestions, tips, and advice for organising an awesome party for your child, whatever the occasion.

For example, Christmas will soon be here and we understand that many parents will be short on time planning things for Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and of course a Christmas party. So, if you’re looking for some quick tips to help you save some time, we can help. Alternatively, if you’re looking for advice with regards to parties for young children, we have a great list of party ideas for babies, on the other hand if you’re having the opposite problem and you need advice for teenager’s birthday parties, here’s a list of 4 party ideas for teens.

Organising A Party Or A Day Out? Don’t Forget About Your Party Bags

We understand that with lots to organise, prepare, and buy; we understand that party bags can be very time consuming. Don’t risk them being left out all together, the children at the party deserve something extra special for the end of the party. Fortunately we have the perfect product for busy parents; Readymade Party Bags.

So if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything to organise, we have a selection of 500 pre-filled readymade party bags; we’re confident that you’ll find something ideal for your child and all the children attending the party.

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