Check Out These 5 Great Party Bag Ideas Including Unicorns, Arts & Crafts and Animals

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to plan a themed birthday party for your child. Sometimes it can feel like there is a mountain of tasks to complete with invitations, decorations, party bags and lots more to organise.

Sometimes even deciding on a party theme can be difficult, so here are 5 party ideas to give you a helping hand.

5 Party Themes For Your Child’s Birthday


1.    Unicorn Party!
Lots of children love unicorns; they’re a magical creature that has been featured in lots of children’s literature.

A unicorn party could be a fantastic theme for your child’s birthday party. At first you might be curious as to how you could organise a unicorn themed party, but with a little help from All About Party Bags, you’ll soon be on your way to organising an awesome birthday party for your child.

Firstly you’ll need some great decorations; you can find a great selection in our Balloons, Blowers & Accessories section. After that you’ll need to think of some great party games to play. We recommend a piñata, they are lots of fun for children (and some grownups too!) You can find a selection of piñatas in our Games & Accessories section, such as this fantastic Unicorn Heart Piñata.

The next step will be to decide if you would like to purchase readymade party bags or if you will instead make your own goodie bags. You can find lots of fun unicorn themed readymade party bags and unicorn themed party bag fillers on our online store. So if you’re interested in purchasing readymade party bags, or if you want to make your own, you can find a great selection to choose from on the All About Party Bags online store.

2.    Arts & Crafts
If your child enjoys arts & crafts, this is can be a great theme for a birthday party.

A great way to add an arts & crafts theme to a party is to make lots of decorations with your child, involving them in the arts & craft fun. You can also include lots of arts & crafts activities for the party.

After you’ve made lots of decorations and planned lots of fun activities, you might find it very useful to purchase readymade party bags with an arts & crafts theme. This way you can focus you attention on the activities whilst the goodie bags are taken care of by the friendly All About Party Bags Team.

3.    A Favourite Animal
If you child has a favourite animal, you could organise a party for them based around this animal. If the animal is commonly found at a zoo or an aquarium such as a shark or a lion, you could organise a birthday party for your child and a few of their close friends to visit the local zoo or aquarium. However, if your child’s favourite animal is historic, such as a dinosaur, perhaps you could organise a trip to a museum with a dinosaur exhibit?

If you’re interested in making your own goodie bags for a birthday party based around your child’s favourite animal, browse through our collection of party bag fillers. We have a wide variety to choose from including butterflies, dinosaurs, farm animals, owls, sea life and more.


4.    Outdoors & Summer
One of the great things about summertime birthday parties is that you get to enjoy the outdoors. There are lots of ways that you can take advantage of the time of year to create a wonderful themed birthday party for your child.

You can enjoy some outdoor activities such as a friendly game of football, a game of rounders or even just a simple game of tag. We also have lots of fun outdoors themed readymade party bags and party bag fillers to choose from such as the Outdoor Fun Party Bag or the Summer Fun Party Bag.

5.    Superheroes
If your child has a favourite superhero, a superhero themed birthday party is a great idea. However, as there are lots of upcoming superhero movies, even if your child is just a fan of the genre with no clear favourite, a super hero party can still be a fantastic idea.

We have lots of awesome superhero themed readymade party bags and party bag fillers to choose from such as The Big Super Hero Party Bag or the Super Hero Outdoor Party Bag.

Planning A Themed Birthday Party For Your Child? Don’t Forget About Goodie Bags!

No children’s birthday party is complete without goodie bags, so visit our online store and browse through a fantastic selection of readymade party bags and party bag fillers. We have a fantastic range to choose from, with party supplies available in numerous different themes from sea life to robots.

With such a large selection of different party supplies to choose form, you’ll be spoiled for choice. So browse through our fantastic collection, we have double the amount of products than our competitors!


Searching For More Party Ideas?

If you need some more advice and inspiration for your child’s birthday party, we have lots of suggestions on our blog. For example, by reading our blog titled “8 Great Party Games Ideas For Your Child’s Birthday Party”, you can find a list of some fantastic games to play at your child’s birthday party.

We also have blogs for other aspects of party planning. For example, if you’re feeling stressed whilst organising your child’s birthday party, perhaps you’ll be interested in our blog titled, “9 Tips To Minimise Stress When Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party


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