Creative Party Activities For Kids

When you’re young, you’re bursting with creativity. Ideas are constantly buzzing around your mind, leading you to seek out avenues to go down in order to explore them. If you’re hosting a party for your kids, why not direct their boundless energy towards doing something creative?

Perfect for any party occasion, pre-filled party bags can be packed with creative treats that will get your attendees’ imagination flowing during, or after the event.

Why Crafting Pre-Filled Party Bags?

Party bags have been a traditional gift to party attendees for many years – and contrary to popular belief, they can contain so much more than activity books, temporary tattoos and sweets! They are great at providing a reminder of a great day, as their contents are played with long after they’ve returned home.

So what better gift to give than one that can be used time-and-again? This is the joy of crafting – aside from allowing kids to explore their creativity, it helps to teach them something new, leading to them having fun. Perhaps it’ll even be something that they’ll enjoy doing so much that they’ll be inspired to take up the art? Imagine if you inspired the next great jewellery-designer or painter after they enjoyed the contents of your pre-filled party bag? (Don’t forget to remind them, if that is indeed the case in the future!)

Craft Party Ideas

So, you’ve decided on hosting a craft party, but how do you decide what type of craft(s) to feature? Whether it’s painting, drawing, modelling or jewellery-making – there are many ideas out there.

One way to whittle down these choices is to start with which craft appeals most to the birthday child whose party it is. Are they a fan of cutting and pasting? A collage project would be an ideal craft for them. What about if they enjoying painting or drawing? Getting the right canvas, paper, pencils and crayons will allow their ingenuity to run wild.

You should also consider the age of your child and the attendees when choosing your crafts or pre-filled party bags too. With parties normally involving more kids than adults, it isn’t possible for them to be helped through their crafting, so consider something that each kid can do on their own. Skill levels or preferences may be considered too – if one kid enjoys the painting more than the fine decorative bit, spilt these tasks up amongst other kids (great to learn them the art of teamwork too!)

But back to the ideas – aside from the aforementioned drawing, painting, modelling and jewellery-making, here are some other basic crafts to get you thinking:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Stencil art
  • Rubber stamping
  • Stained glass art (painting)
  • Paper crafts – origami et al
  • Mask-making and decoration
  • Balloon art
  • Mug and cup decoration
  • Fabric and recycled – making use of old clothing or materials to create new things!

So those were just a few ideas to get you started. If you’re still stuck for inspiration, why not take a look at our selection of pre-filled party bags?

Great Quality Crafty Party Bags For Kids

Here at All About Party Bags, our art, craft and activity kits are great to give out to your creative party guests. Whether you want to incorporate the items from our pre-filled party bags into the day’s activities or to give them out for your attendees to continue their crafting at home, our high-quality kits will do the job.

We have something for every creative child – from painting sets, sticker packs, jewellery kits, stamping sets, make your own puppets, make-a-bear and much more. We have something for every creative child – if you browse our selection, you can use the advanced search option to filter results by age, gender and price.

Take A Look Around Our Range of Great-Quality Craft Party Bags

Our range of pre-filled party bags and party bag fillers have been created to reflect the trends and likes of today’s kids – so regardless of their age, we will have something that can be enjoyed by everyone, toddlers through to teens!

Please feel free to browse around our selection of party bags – if you have any questions about any aspect of our service, we would be pleased to speak with you. You can contact us by calling 01604 595 537 or by sending us an e-mail at

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