Creepy Crawly Party Tips

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5 Tips For A Creepy Crawly Party

There are lots of fun party themes that you can choose from for your child’s birthday party, one of which is a creepy crawly themed party. To give you a helping hand planning and organising the day, here’s a quick list of 5 tips.

1. Decide Your Budget
One of the first things you need to do when organising your child’s party is decide on a budget. However, deciding a budget isn’t just about setting a spending limit, you need to carefully consider how much each different aspect of the party is going to cost and ensure that there is adequate money set aside to pay for it. Additionally, it can also be very beneficial to have a small amount of money left over just in case there are any emergencies.

2. Choose Tasty Party Food
There are lots of fun choices for creepy crawly themed party food. If you’re looking for some sweet snacks, there are lots of gummy and jelly insects available from various different supermarkets, sweet shops, and other retail stores. However, if you’re looking to keep the menu healthy, you could get crafty with food and use fruit and cocktail sticks to make some fruity treats look like insects.

Although, when choosing food for the party, it is essential that get into contact with all the parents of the children who will be present and enquire about any allergies or intolerances they may have. After all you wouldn’t want to set up a table of delicious party snacks, only to learn at the post moment that some guests have a peanut allergy and some of the snacks have peanut butter in them.

3. Organise Fun Activities
Activities can often be tricky to organise, after all there’s so much to choose from, however we have some helpful suggestions for different age group; giving you food for thought.

If you’re organising a party for older children, perhaps in their early teens, how about a mild horror themed escape room? You could book a session in a themed room that’s got lots of spooky moments, without the spine tingling chill of a true horror experience; it could be great for children who like bugs, insects, and other such creepy crawlies.

On the other hand for younger children, you could organise some arts & crafts activities with all the children drawing and colouring various different insects and bugs. Another simple idea could be to play a game of pass the parcel . This game is a staple of so many parties, some might argue that a children’s party isn’t a real party without one.

4. Don’t Leave It Until Last Moment
Whilst it is important that you take your time and you don’t rush organising your child’s party, it is also very important that you don’t leave it too late. A good balance between being patient and being quick is essential to the smooth running of a party.

This is essential for many reasons. Firstly, if you’re booking an activity elsewhere, such as a trip to the cinema, a day out at an escape room, or perhaps just booking a venue to host the party; you’ll need a date set out and you’ll need a headcount.

Speaking of a headcount, it is also important to be realistic when choosing the size of the party. Don’t feel obligated to invite the entirety of your child’s class to the birthday party, if a large party is out of your budget or you only have a small venue available, a small party with a smaller guest list can be just as fun and allows for the children to be more involved with party games.

5. Choose Some Awesome Party Bags
Is a party really a party without party bags? Here at All About Party Bags, we think they’re pretty amazing, but we understand that they can take a long time to organise, plan, and make; and that time could be better spent organising other aspects of the party, or just spending quality time with your children.

So, if you’re looking for a way to save time, we have a great selection of readymade party bags, available in a diverse range of different themes and pre-filled for a wide range of different age groups and genders. So if it’s a party of children in their early teens, or if it’s a party with all the children from nursery attending, we have pre-filled party bags ideal for the occasion.

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