How To Host An Awesome Slime Party

How To Host An Awesome Slime Party

Looking for a fun party idea for your child’s birthday this year? How about a slime party? With awesome slime kits and a great selection of party bags and party bag fillers, in just a few clicks you can be over halfway ready for the party. Giving you more time to spend with your child in the weeks leading up to their birthday.

3 Steps For An Amazing Slime Party

Hosting a slime party may sound like a lot of mess and a lot of preparation, but with these three simple steps you can organise an amazing slime party for your child’s birthday.

  1. Get Some Awesome Slime
    Whilst making slime is a fantastic learning opportunity, it’s important to remember that it is a scientific chemistry experiment, so it’s very important that you choose kid-friendly slime materials, after all some of the chemicals used in DIY slime can be quite nasty. For example, Borax which is often used in DIY slime is a restricted chemical in the United Kingdom because it’s been deemed too dangerous to be easily sold over the counter. This is because in solutions of over 8.5% it’s toxic and Borax is a fairly common allergen.

    So, whilst DIY slime can be a fantastic chemistry experiment to learn the organic chemical process of revisable bonding in polymer chains, for younger children and parents who aren’t as confident supervising chemistry experiments, ready built slime kits are a much better alternative to DIY slime. We have an awesome selection of slime products on our online store including make your own slime kits and full of slime party bags. So with your slime and party bags sorted, all you need to do is send out the party invitations and get the house ready for the party.

  2. Keep The House Clean
    Slime can very quickly get out of hand, so it’s best to prepare your home so that it doesn’t get everywhere. If you have any plastic drop cloths used to cover furniture whilst painting, these can be very useful to keep your surfaces slime-free. It’s also a great idea to get some plastic plates, bowls, and spoons, alongside plastic containers so that the slime can be safely contained.

    Its also a very good idea to get some aprons or children’s lab coat style garments to help protect the clothes that the children are wearing. After all, slime by its very nature is very sticky and it would be a shame if some clothes got ruined during the party.

  3. Dispose Of The Slime Correctly
    Slime is very sticky and as such it is very important that it is stored and disposed of correctly. Slime has been popular amongst children for a few years now and there have been reports of children pouring slime down drains or flushing it down toilets. This can be very harmful to the drainage of your home, causing blockages that need professional attention. So make sure that all slime is accounted for at the end of the party and disposed of appropriately.

    It’s also important to understand that whilst it is non-toxic, it does go mouldy with time, so it’s not advisable to leave it lying around, especially as it can get stuck to things you don’t want it to. After the children have finished with their slime activities, ensure they wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water and make sure that the slime is thrown away in an appropriate waste container. According to the BBC, “If you do have a glue-based or plastic slime, the advice is to cut it up in to smaller pieces when you throw it away so it will break down quicker”.

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