How to Throw a Children's Party on a Budget

Children's party

Money tends to be a little tight after Christmas. After all the excessive food, parties and presents, our wallets are left feeling a little lighter, and it can take a couple of months for bank balances to recover.

So, what if your child's birthday happens to fall within this cash-strapped period? Will you have to compromise on quality? Absolutely not - you can throw a party your child will love, without it costing the earth. Here are our essential tips on how to save money.

Plan Ahead

Doing things last minute will often result in you panic-buying items that you can't afford. Start your planning several weeks in advance, to give yourself time to hunt out budget alternatives, rather than just plumping for the first thing you see.

You should also set a budget before you begin. It's easy to think that one more item won't make a difference, but costs can quickly add up it. Setting yourself a clear limit will help you to keep frivolous spending in check.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

Holding your party at home is the most budget-friendly option. However, if you really don't have the space, you need to assess your options carefully - after all, the venue often makes the biggest dent in a party planner's budget.

The important thing to remember is that you don't have to go too flashy - children will often be just as happy with a village or church hall, as with pricier venues. Halls are also a good option, as they'll often charge one all-inclusive fee, unlike other venues, which will often charge more for catering etc.

Make DIY Decorations

You can easily save money by making party decorations yourself, and this can also be a nice activity to do with the whole family. Here are some great ideas:

For girl's parties

- These DIY Bow Garlands would look lovely strung around the room

- Wrapping balloons in tulle is a simple way to make them look extra special

- Covering items in glitter, such as these paper lanterns, will give them an instant makeover

For boy's parties

- This DIY monsters banner is a great idea and easy to make

- These dinosaur balloons are guaranteed to be popular

- These 3D star banners will transform the room

Do the Catering Yourself

Think there's no way you can cater for an entire party of kids? Think again. The secret is to make a range of simple snacks and nibbles. Why not try:

- These cupcake wrappers filled with fruit salad

- These super simple to make chocolate dipped bananas

- These yummy pepperoni and cheese crescents

Recruit the Help of Family & Friends

The saying 'many hands make light work' is certainly true. If you feel overwhelmed by making all of the food and decorations yourself, ask family and friends to give you a hand. From baking to cleaning the house, you'll be surprised how willing people are to get involved - especially when there's a slice of cake as a reward!


Don't make the mistake of rushing out and buying all of the items you think you'll need. You'd be surprised how far you can get with a bit of creativity and many of the items already in your home. For example, try covering old jars in glitter and using them as vases, or recovering old chairs.

Save on the Party Bags

You don't have to spend the earth to create beautiful, memorable party bags. Here at All About Party Bags, we offer quality party bag fillers for as little as a couple of pence. If you'd prefer a ready-made option, we also offer filled party bags, which start at little more than a pound.

Throwing an amazing children's party doesn't have to be expensive. All you need is some creativity and some clever shopping to save the pennies.

Do you have any more budget party tips? Let us know in the comments.

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