It's Summer Time!

Summer time is here, so that means it's time for fantastic summer parties! Playing outside, enjoying refreshing drinks, wearing lots of sun cream and what party would be complete without wonderful pre filled party bags?

5 Great Summer Party Ideas!

Summer is a great time to get together with family and friends; enjoying the outdoors together, playing games and having a good time. If you're struggling to think of some ideas for a summer party, don't panic! Here are five summer party ideas with some suggestions for pre filled party bags!

  • A Picnic Party! Picnic parties are great for families. You can tailor a picnic to be suitable to families with children of different ages.Picnic parties are great choices especially in our current modern society. Today many adults and indeed some children are very reliant on their electronic devices. At a picnic party you can all enjoy some device free family time; spending time together as a family, enjoying the summer weather.For a picnic party, perhaps you would be interested in pre filled party bags from our outdoors section. With numerous great filled goodie bags to choose from, for example the Magic Trick and Catch Game Party Bag. This goodie bag comes with a magic trick set, a giant twirler and a hub caps catch game!

  • Some Outdoor Games! Have fun with some outdoor activities this summer! Playing games such as Rounders or Ultimate (also known as Ultimate Frisbee) are great family fun activities for summer parties. However, when playing sports outside, it is important that you stay hydrated; especially in the warm summer heat.If you're interested in learning how Rounders or Ultimate are played, or if you would like read more about games that you can play outdoors with your family, we have a list of fantastic games that you can play outdoors! Whilst you're enjoying the lovely summer weather, how about a fantastic goodie bag such as the Outdoor Fun Party Bag which comes with a boomerang, 20 water bombs and fun snaps!

  • A Trip To Your Local Zoo! How about a visit to the local zoo? Your little ones will be able to see many wonderful animals and learn lots of interesting information about the fantastic animals!We have a selection of different animal themed pre filled party bags. Search through our Jungle & Zoo section and browse filled goodie bags such as our Day at the Zoo Party Bag which comes with a sneaky snake, a mini pair of clickers, a jungle japes note pad, a jigsaw puzzle and a pencil & eraser!

  • Have Fun With A Pinata! Pinatas are great fun; they are often used at the end of a party or an event. They can be enjoyed at small family parties with only a few children or at a larger party with lots of children.Piñatas are so much fun at family parties; you might want to get two, just in case the grownups want to have a go!If you're having a family gathering with a pinata, you might be unsure what filled goodie bags you should get for the party, however we have a fantastic suggestion; the Fun and Games Party Bag! This goodie bag comes with a pair of clickers, two rocket balloons, a squeeze and fly disc, a boomerang and a mini click and catch!

  • A Butterfly Adventure! Butterflies are a beautiful sight. There are many attractions in the United Kingdom where you can see butterflies. Sometimes they are known as butterfly zoos, sometimes butterfly trails and sometimes butterfly houses.If your family loves these beautiful creatures, we have some great butterfly themed party bags to enjoy! One such goodie bag is the Bountiful Butterflies Party Bag which includes a set of four pretty butterfly hair elastics, a butterflies and bugs activity book, a glow in the dark magnetic butterfly and a temporary glitter butterfly tattoo!

Some Things To Remember!

Whilst having an outdoors party is lots of fun, there are a few things that you need to remember!

  • Lots Of Cold Drinks! If the children (and grownups) are running around enjoying the summer heat, it is very important to stay hydrated. Include a variety of different cold drinks (including water) to help people stay hydrated!
  • Have A Good Selection Of Food Choosing the right food can sometimes be difficult. Firstly it is important to check if any of the party guests have any food allergies and make any necessary arrangements.However, food isn't just about feeding hungry people; it can also be an engaging and memorable part of the party. For example, if you're looking to release the inner child inside the grownups at the party, serve some of their childhood favourites! You could also find some old sweets that the grownups used to enjoy as children; get ready to hear "Oh, I used to love these when I was little!"
  • Don't Forget Sun Cream! The outdoors is lots of fun, but sunburn isn't! So make sure everyone is wearing sun cream. You could use a bucket filled with different sun cream items for guests to use so it can be easily found if people need to reapply any sun cream.

Enjoy The Summer Time With Party Supplies From All About Party Bags!

Summer is a fantastic time for a party, so make sure that you have all the goodie bags, pre filled party bags and party supplies that you need by visiting the All About Party Bags online store!

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