Kids Puppy Party Ideas – With Party Bag Fillers and More!

There aren’t many things that get people of all ages going ‘awwww’ than a puppy bounding up to greet them! With their cute look, strokable fur and undying devotion, a human’s love of dogs is ingrained at an early age, teaching us the importance of caring for something. Being young, adorable and often unsteady on their paws, it’s no surprise that many of our own young pups love them too!

If your child is indeed puppy-mad, then why not consider throwing them a ‘puppy party’ for their next birthday? As we’re a leading purveyor of party bag fillers, we’re going to give you some ideas on what it takes to host a great puppy party for kids.

Puppy Party Ideas

Here at All About Party Bags, we have over 10 years of experience operating within the party industry – our party bag fillers business originally starting out as a small outlet in our adventure play centre, growing to encompass an international service of fun-filled delights. So when it comes to kids parties we’ve seen (and done) it all!

With dogs being particularly popular for many kids, they make a great theme to base your party around – and it’s a theme that can be easily incorporated into any venue you have in mind.

So, without further ado, here are some ideas for your puppy party:

  • Invitations – What better way to set excitement levels amongst your guests, than with some dog-themed invitations? As the first thing that someone sees when invited to a party, it’s important to set out the theme, informing them of what the party is about and what they’re likely to see when they’re there. You can try to find pre-made invitations, or maybe work with your child to create some custom-made ones – with handmade cards being much more personal, along with the giving of party bag fillers, they will be appreciated more by your guests. Furthermore, feeling like they’ve got an active role in their party, your little one will take ownership of the day, potentially enjoying themselves more as a result.

  • Where to host the party? Think about how many guests you wish to invite before committing to a particular venue. If you’re hosting it at home, what’s the weather like? Would it be better held out in the garden if the weather isn’t too bad? Will there be space for everyone to do all the activities inside if it is bad?

  • Decorative items – Whether it’s decor for tables (such as cloths, plates, bowls and cups), or embellishments (with pictures of dogs or words such as ‘woof’, ‘bark’ or ‘bow-wow’ written on) that you can hang on the walls, there are plenty of themes that you use to create the perfect doggy environment. How about using some paper-crafted paw prints as a pathway, leading guests to rooms or areas that have been set aside for games or for food, etc?

  • Party bag fillers – Given either as a parting gift or during the event, party bags act as a great way to say ‘thank-you’ to the attendees. Not only that, but they can also act as a great way to keep kids occupied (see below) or help them to remember what a great time they had at the party too.

  • Bring their own soft toy – A great way to make (especially, young) children to feel comfortable at a party around many people they aren’t used to, is to encourage them to a bring a soft toy of their own. Being a puppy party, the perfect soft toy to bring will be a dog, of course!

  • Party foods – If you’re a foodie, here’s where you can let your imagination and skills run wild! Dog-themed cakes and cupcakes are an obvious must, but why not ‘think outside of the dog house’ and include things like dog-shaped sandwiches, cookies or jellies? Being in the shape of their favourite dogs, even the fussiest of eaters would love them!

  • Party games – A great game that can be produced easily and cheaply is a doggy take on the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’; a couple of pieces of card and your own skills are all that’s required to make them. If you’re handing out party bag fillers early on to give the kids something to do whilst your organising certain stages of the party, why not include some dog-themed activity books and puzzles?

So those were our quick tips on hosting your own puppy party. Need any more ideas? Our expert party team are on hand to help.

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