New Year's Party Ideas to Put a Smile on Your Kids Faces

New Years party

New Years is often seen as an adult celebration - many a parent has uttered the phrase 'Christmas is for the kids, New Years is for us to let our hair down'. After all, younger children are unlikely to be allowed to stay up until midnight!

However, you can have a lot of fun with your little ones on New Year's Eve. Many parents opt for throwing a family friendly party at New Years, and invite friends and relatives to bring their children.

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed about catering for both the adults and the kids - don't worry - there are lots of activities you can prepare to keep the children happy and occupied. Here are some of our favourite ideas.


Activities and crafts are a great way to keep the kids occupied during a party. Set up an area with all the materials they need and some instructions - you can either leave them to it or get involved, whatever you fancy!

New Year's Countdown Clock

These New Year's countdown clocks are a great way to get kids involved with the event, as well as getting them to tell the time. All you need is a paper plates, purple and black craft foam, a purple foam circle and a metal fastener.

On top of these essentials get lots of things for decorating and making the letters out of, such as glitter pens and coloured paper. The kids can then personalise their clocks and count down the time to New Year - just make sure all the supplies are child friendly if you aren't going to be able to keep a constant eye on things.

- These metallic butterfly stickers, are the perfect decorations for the finished clocks

Confetti Party Hats

These confetti party hats are a fun activity, which kids can wear at the party to ring in the New Year. Buy some pointy party hats and lots of ribbons of tissue paper. The kids can curl them with child-friendly scissors, and then poke them through the top of the hat and secure.

- Add some of these fun Jungle Japes stickers to the party hats

Dove of Peace

These pretty doves are a beautiful symbol of a fresh start at New Year. All you need is paper, child-friendly scissors and clear tape. Simply, the children need to cut out a dove shape from white stiff paper, cut slits in the body, then concertina white paper to create the tails and wings and attach with sticky tape. Add on an eye, and the doves can be hung around the house on string as party decorations.

- Decorate the doves with these multi-coloured wax crayons

Create a Time-Capsule

This is a lovely activity for New Year's Eve. Get all the children to bring one thing with them to the party to include in the time-capsule. It should be something that they feel represents the year they have just had - from a photo to a piece of work from school. Take a photo of them all together at the party to include as well. Bury it in the garden and promise to dig it out next year to remind them of all the fun they had! Just make sure to check with their parents that they're happy with the item they have chosen to add.


Guess the Resolutions

This game is great fun and will have all the kids in fits of giggles. Get all of them to secretly write down their New Year's resolutions on a scrap of paper, and then fold them up and put them into a hat. Read them out one by and get the children to guess who the resolution belongs to. Reward those who correctly guess who a resolution belongs to with gifts such as:

- These Crazy Shoots

- These Smiley Squeeze Discs

New Year's Eve Scramble

Pick a number of words relating to New Year such as resolution and midnight, and mix up the letters - you can either write it down or use Scrabble pieces. The kids have to try and guess what the words are! Reward those who get it right with a small gift such as:

- These Smiley Spiral Bound note pads

- These yummy Love Hearts and lolly pop

Stop and Go

This is a great twist on the classic musical chairs game, which involves lots of present giving! Place party favours evenly spaced out in a circle on the floor, making sure that there is one less favour than there are children.

The children walk around the favours in a circle, fast when the music is fast and slow when the music is slow. When the music stops the children have to pick up the favour next to them. If they don't manage to get one, they're out! Just make sure you have some extras so that everyone gets something and there are no tears.

Why not include favours such as:

- These crocodile erasers

- These flip flop key-rings

Extra Tips

Most kids won't be able to stay up until midnight, and there will be a lot of crying and griping as they start to get tired. Make sure you set up a room away from the noise of the party with lots of blankets and pillows, so that there is somewhere they can go to sleep when they start to flop. That way their parents can carry them to the car or taxi when they're ready to go home.

If you decide to throw a family friendly party this New Year's Eve, it can be a little daunting figuring out how to keep both the adults and the children happy. These great New Year crafts and games will keep the kids occupied, and make sure they have just as much fun as you do!

Do you have any more suggestions for New Year games and crafts for the kids? Let us know in the comments.

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