Opt For A Birthday Experience, Not A Birthday Party

If your child doesn’t enjoy large birthday parties, you might consider opting for a birthday experience instead of a birthday party. There are lots of fantastic activities and days out that you could choose form, and there are lots of fantastic party bags to choose from on our online store.

If you’re considering an experience for your child’s birthday, you could choose from a variety of different ideas. Some examples could be:

1. A Trip To The Aquarium. A trip to the aquarium can be a fantastic experience for children, especially if their favourite animal lives under the sea.

Your child could invite one or a small number of their friends to join them at the aquarium and they could spend the day learning about a variety of different marine and aquatic creatures. There are lots of wonderful things to learn about the creatures that live in the world’s oceans and seas, so if you’re searching for an event that could be both educational and fun, a trip to an aquarium could be a great choice.Additionally, if you’re considering a tip to the aquarium for your child’s birthday, you could browse through a selection of party products on our online website in a sealife theme. You could choose from readymade party bags such as the Under the Sea Activity Party Bag, the Wooden Sealife Bif-Baf Bat Party Bag, or the Fun in the Sun Party Bag.

2. Visit The Museum. If your child likes to learn about different cultures or different moments in history; perhaps you could consider visiting your local museum for their birthday.

However, if your child has an interest that isn’t shown at your local museum, perhaps you could have a ‘road trip’. For example, if your child is interested in the middle ages, and the Viking age, you might consider visiting the Jorvik Centre in York. Fun Fact! Did you know that before the Vikings captured the north, the city we now know as York was called Eoforwic? Also, during Roman times, the city was known as Eboracum? [Source yorkshire-england.co.uk]However, there are lots of other fun things to learn at museums for example, you could learn about ancient history, the Roman age, the First World War, the Second World War, the Cold War, or lots of other moments in the world’s history.

3. Have A Movie Day. If your child loves watching movies, perhaps a trip to the cinema could be a fantastic way to spend their birthday. Your child could pick a few of their close friends and you could arrange for a trip to the cinema to watch a new movie that has been released.

Alternatively you could host a small movie marathon party, with some healthy snacks and a few of your child’s favourite movies with a small number of their friends.If you’re unsure what to do with regards to party bags and a movie day, you could create your own party bags using a selection of party bag fillers that are available on our online store. You could use the search feature to find fillers and treats to put inside goodie bags that match the themes of the movies your child is watching. For example, if it’s a science fiction movie, you could include a variety of sci-fi themed goodies, or if it’s a superhero movie, you could include a variety of superhero themed treats.

4. A Sleepover Party. A sleepover party can be a fantastic birthday treat for your child. If your child doesn’t enjoy large and extravagant birthday parties or days out, perhaps they would prefer to spend their birthday doing simple things that they enjoy with their friends.

For example, they might enjoy spending the day at home playing video games. Before online multiplayer gaming became popular, many gamers would meet together for a LAN party. A LAN party was when people would meet in person to play video games together over a Local Area Network. With the rise of online multiplayer, many gamers choose to play together over the internet, but some people still prefer to meet face to face, and enjoy some time with friends, playing a game together.However, if your child isn’t a fan of gaming, there are other fun activities that your child and their friends could do together. For example, they could enjoy some arts and crafts, they could do some baking, or they could do a series of fun science experiments together.

5. An Outdoor Activity. If your child is active, perhaps an outdoor activity could be a fun idea. For example, if your child is a fan of football, you could look at local sports centres or activity centres and book a venue for a few hours so that your child and their friends could enjoy a game of football together.

Alternatively, they might enjoy an activity such as paintballing. However, if you’re considering a paintballing party, it is important to remember to check if your local paintballing venue has an age limit. Some venues have age limits; however other venues have events specifically designed for younger players. For example, UK Paintball writes in their FAQ section, “Most venues have a minimum age requirement of 15 years old but we also have venues that start from 11 years plus.”

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