Party Ideas For Your Baby

Party Ideas For Your Baby

Just because your little one is still a baby doesn’t mean that you can’t organise a great birthday party for them with awesome party bags and party bag fillers . So if your son or daughter is celebrating their first or second birthday, here’s a list of 3 ideas to help you plan a great day for them and all their friends.

3 Party Tips For Babies

1. The Party Theme

There are lots of party themes that can be great for younger party guests. Remember, these early birthday parties are also about parents getting together and bonding; it’s a great time for parents to come together and offer each other support if needed. After all, who better understands the ups and downs of raising a young child than mothers and fathers of young children?

So when organising the party theme, it’s best to keep it simple. Children’s television can be a great starting point, do they love watching television shows such as Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Dora The Explorer, or Pepper Pig?

2. What Food Should You Buy?
We all know that young children can be very fussy with regards to what they eat. Sometimes, “Here Comes The Airplane” doesn’t work and parents need to get more creative during mealtimes. Additionally, if children are at different ages at the party, you’ll have to make sure that there’s something for everyone at the party.

However, it isn’t just the little ones that you have to consider when planning for food at your child’s birthday party; remember to pay attention to parents too. Make sure there are lots of healthy snacks and drinks for the grownups to enjoy. After all, looking after young children can get quite tiring. So some healthy snacks that are full of energy could be a great idea. How about some carrot sticks and a selection of healthy dips?

Also, it’s very important that you remember to plan for any allergies or intolerances. So make sure that you ask all the grownups if they or their child have any dietary needs as early as possible during the party planning process. This gives you plenty of time to take any steps which may be necessary, such as making the party peanut-free.

3. What About Activities?
This may at first seem difficult, after all especially if the party guests consist of infants and toddlers, there are lots of different naptimes you have to consider. It’s practically impossible to plan for everyone’s naptime, so instead of trying to over prepare, keep the party quick and simple, and early during the day; after all the convenient times for adults to socialise aren’t the best times for babies and toddlers to be at a party.

So what activities can you organise for the little birthday girl/boy and their friends?
We understand that with such a young age range, it can be difficult to think of party games and party activities for them; after all you need to keep the games simple, but not so simple that they get bored. Sol, how about a baby race? Parents bring one of their little one’s favourite toys and all the children are lined up, then a short distance away a parent waits with the child’s toy and the first baby to crawl to the finish line wins.

That’s just one example of an activity; there are lots of great baby and toddler appropriate games that you can play at your child’s birthday party. However, what party game is complete without a prize for the winner? Well our party bag fillers section is filled with lots of different toys and treats, suitable for children of various different ages, this includes babies & toddlers. For example, how about these shiny plastic balls, or these adorable Rubber Ducklings?

Need More Party Advice Or Inspiration?

If you’re in need of party advice and you would like to read more suggestions for your child’s birthday party, please visit the All About Party Bags blog. It’s filled with lots of helpful tips for party planning such as tips for organising themed parties on a budget, ideas for gender neutral party bags, and tips to help you minimise stress when organising a birthday party.

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