Summer Style Party – 3 Things To Remember

Summer Style Party – 3 Things To Remember

There are lots of ways that you can enjoy a summer style party, you could visit the beach and make sand castles, you could have a water fight with water guns and water bombs, or you could play sports with family and friends enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. We have lots of awesome toys for children to enjoy whilst playing outdoors, and for parents who need a helping hand making goodie bags; we have a vast selection of more than 500 readymade filled party bags .

Summer Parties, 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Whilst organising a party this September, remember to keep these three things in mind.

1. The Weather & Sunshine

Whilst summer is coming to an end it is still important to be vigilant with regards to the weather. Don’t think that just because it’s September we don’t need to wear sun cream during heat waves or long periods of time spent out in the sunshine. This is especially important for children, so if you’re planning a party to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine, don’t forget to pack sun cream.

Additionally, be mindful about the weather with regards to staying hydrated. People can get dehydrated very quickly, especially whilst active and even more-so when active during warm weather. So, even though summer is coming to an end, remember to bring lots of water to the party so all the children and grownups can keep hydrated throughout the day.

2. What Food & Drink You’ll Pack

If you’re organising a party, you’ll have to decide what type of party this will be. Are you going to have a picnic somewhere nice, are you going to organise a small garden party, or maybe even a large family get-together at the beach. Regardless of the summer party you choose, you’ll need a great selection of food and drink choices to keep everyone hydrated and full of energy to enjoy the party’s activities.

Fruit is a great choice during the summer, firstly it’s a part of your 5 a day, but fruit also has lots of energy, which is great for the little ones as they enjoy themselves. However, like all parties, it’s important to take note of any allergies that children or adults may have at the party, so make sure you double check with everyone in attendance in advance, that way you can avoid using food and drink with ingredients that guests have an allergy or an intolerance of.

3. Things Might Not Go To Plan

Whilst we’re approaching the start of autumn, it’s important to remember that the weather may not always co-operate with you plans. So if you’re organising a lovely day outdoors with friends and family so the children can enjoy the last of the nice weather, remember to have a backup plan in case the British weather decides to interrupt your plans.

If you need a helping hand coming up with ideas for parties on rainy days, we have lots of suggestions on our blog titled, Don’t Let The Rain Ruin Your Party Plans – 5 Ideas For A Rainy Day . It has lots of great tips including making an indoor obstacle course and arts & crafts.

What About Party Bags?

Here at All About Party Bags, we understand that there is a lot to keep you busy whilst organising a party for your little ones. So, instead of spending hours building and designing party bags yourself, why not buy them ready-made? With our filled party bags , you can order all the party bags you need for the party in just a few clicks. That way you have more time to spend with your children in the days leading up to the party.

However, if you do want to make your own party bags, our website has everything you need to build customised party bags, including both party bag fillers and empty loot bags. Additionally, if you’re planning a themed party, we have lots of build your own party bags supplies matching various different themes including dinosaurs, monsters, princesses, animals, and more. In fact, we have over 1100 party bag fillers to choose from.

Need Some Help Planning The Party? Find Inspiration On The All About Party Bags Blog

If you’re feeling a bit stuck and need some suggestions for the party, we recommend visiting our blog, it’s filled with lots of fantastic suggestions, advice, and tips to help you make your child’s party extra special. For example, if you’re feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed, we have a list of 9 Tips To Minimise Stress When Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party .

However, if you would prefer more visual based inspiration, we recommend visiting our Pinterest. There are lots of different boards to browse through, including ideas for party food and drinks, birthday cakes, and of course party bags.

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