Take A Walk On The Wild Side With These 5 Zoo And Jungle Party Ideas!

If your birthday child loves animals, make them the king or queen of the jungle for a day with a jungle or zoo themed birthday party! Here at All About Party Bags we have a wide range of jungle themed goodies, including ready made jungle party bags and party bag fillers.

It is a perfect theme if you have mixed gender or mixed age party as anyone can get involved and have fun. Planning ways to incorporate a party theme into the day may seem difficult,  so here is a list of 6 ways you can throw an unforgettable jungle or zoo party!

Take A Walk On The Wild Side With These 5 Zoo And Jungle Party Ideas

    1. Invitations

The fun of the party can start as soon as the invitations are sent out! Your invites should be bright and colourful, just like the jungle. If you're feeling creative, you could cut out a leaf shape onto green card, and write your invitation message on there. You could add some funny puns such as "You would be bananas to miss the party". For a hassle free approach, we also have a range of invitations on our website, including ones with a jungle theme. Having fun invites makes sure your guests all know the theme, and if you're going to ask guests to dress up as animals, you could include this on your invites and send the out in plenty of time. This makes sure they have lots of time to prepare what they will wear!

    2. Guests

If you are not going to ask your guests to come already dressed up, it might be a fun idea to turn them into animals when they arrive! This makes the party feel like a jungle, and kids all love playing pretend! One way of doing this it to paint the child's face into simple animals, such as a tiger who will be painted orange with black stripes, a leopard will be painted yellow with small brown 'c' shapes for its spots, or a snake painted green with a pink tongue poling out! If you don't wish to use face paint or if you have a larger party but still want to make the guests feel like part of a jungle you could provide animal masks. We have a great range of animal masks on our website, from monkeys to elephants, there's sure to be something for everyone! They make a great party bag filler for guests to take home with them!

    3. Decorations

While decorating a jungle seems to be a big task, it would actually be fairly easy! Any green streamer, or cut up green tissue paper would make excellent vines and leaves to turn a room into a jungle! Another easy way to create a jungle atmosphere is the blow up green balloons and stick them up on walls in clusters giving the illusion of trees. Another easy way to make the dinner table look jungle themed with minimum mess is with a jungle table cover and matching table settings. The plastic cover makes tidying up after the little monkeys easy, and they will love the cute animal prints.

    4. Food

An easy way of making hassle free jungle food is to use animal shape cookie cutters! Make sandwiches, cook pizza etc. as normal and then when the food is prepared cut them into shapes. This is also ideal for fussy children who don't eat their crusts, as the crusts will be cut off! Other fun foods to include are animal crackers, and sweets in jungle animal shapes such as gummy snakes. Healthier options could be animal favourite fruits such as bananas, or other tropical fruit like watermelon!

    5. Games

Every child's favourite part of the party is the party games! Here are some great suggestions for jungle party games:

Standing Flamingos - This game is a fun variation on musical statues in which players will dance to the music and when the music stops they have to freeze. However, in this version, players will have to stand on one leg like a flamingo! If you wish to include this game with younger children who may not be able to stand on one leg, players could freeze in an animal pose such as lying down to be a snake, roaring like a lion or making a long neck with their arms like a giraffe.

Animal Charades - The group may be split into teams, or if you would prefer everyone can play together with no winners or losers. The children should take it in turns to come out to the front and take a piece of paper. Each piece of paper should have an animal name on. The child then has to act out what that animal does (without noise) and their team has to guess.

We have a huge range of jungle themed small party favours that could be used as prizes for games as well!

    6. Party Bags

Finally, let your guests take home some of the jungle magic with them with our range of ready filled party bags and jungle themed party bag fillers. From jungle inspired stationary to animal temporary tattoos and even stretchy toy snakes,we have lots of quality party favours that your guest will love.

Need Some More Party Inspiration?

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