Three Fantastic Children's Birthday Party Trends

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Three Fantastic Children's Birthday Party Trends

Organising a party can be a challenging and sometimes difficult occasion. As such, here is a list of three ideas for children's birthday parties to give you a helping hand!

  1. Star Wars Themed Party

    With the new Star Wars movie, Solo, being released soon, perhaps you could organise a Star Wars themed birthday party for your son or daughter?

    Indeed, if you decide to have a Star Wars themed party, you could arrange a trip to the local cinema where your child and a few of their friends can watch the movie. Then you could enjoy some delicious party food at a party venue, which is decorated with fantastic science-fiction themed party decorations.

    Additionally, if you choose to organise a Star Wars themed birthday party for your child, you could make some fantastic party bags thanks to the wonderful selection of party bag fillers that are available for purchase on our online store. You can browse through a fantastic selection of science-fiction inspired bag fillers including products such as 3D Space ships and Large Rocket Balloons!

    However, if your child is not a fan of Star Wars movies, you could always organise a cinema party based around a different film that is currently in the cinema, or perhaps have a 'home theatre experience' and watch one of their favourite films at home with some of their closest friends.

    2. Comic Book Parties

    Superheroes are very popular amongst children and adults. Recently the latest Avengers movie released and numerous fans are discussing the film, sharing theories and ideas about what the franchise could do next.

    However, superheroes don't just live in film, many fantastic superhero movies and television shows are actually based on stories from comic books. So how about a comic book themed birthday party for your child?

    You could even choose to make the party a fancy dress party and ask guests to arrive dressed as one of their favourite super heroes. Additionally, you could also enjoy some comic book themed activities such as colouring in comic book characters, learning to draw in comic book styles, playing a superhero version of tag, "catch the super-villain", or perhaps you could play a few games of pass the parcel using ready-made pass the parcels form the All About Party Bags online store.

    3. An Activity Based Party

    If your child doesn't enjoy the 'typical birthday party' where everyone gathers around, sings happy birthday, and plays a game of pass the parcel, perhaps they would instead enjoy an activity based party.

    In a previous blog we discussed the idea of creating a birthday experience instead of a birthday party and offered numerous suggestions such as a trip to the aquarium and a sleepover party. However, there are lots of other activities that you could enjoy with your child for their birthday. For example, you could visit a trampoline park, you could visit an obstacle course, or perhaps older children would like to visit an escape room where they have to use teamwork and problem-solving skills in order to 'escape'.

    There are lots of fantastic activities that you could choose from. Indeed, perhaps your child has a favourite sport. If your child is a fan of football, we have lots of football themed party bag fillers to browse, so why not organise a football themed activity for your child's birthday party and give the guests a fun football themed party bag to take home at the end of the party?

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