What Should You Include In A Child's Party Bag?

Our party bag fillers are a fantastic way to create your own goodie bag for the end of your child's birthday party, but what should you fill them with?

Lots Of Options To Choose From

There are many different party bag fillers that you can include in a party bag for children: toys, sweets, activity books and more. When considering what items to include it can be helpful to ask yourself a few questions.

How Old Are The Children At The Party?

This is a very important question to ask. Not only are some items unsuitable for younger children but also some party bag fillers are better suited to children of different ages.

This shouldn't be too difficult unless your child is inviting friends from different school years to the party. If children of various ages are attending the party, you will have to make sure that everything at the party is suitable for the youngest guest, whilst also trying to make sure that all the activities and gifts inside the bags are also fun and entertaining for the older guests.

Do Any Of Children At The Party Have Any Allergies Or Intolerances?

You may have already considered food allergies and intolerances with regards to the food being served at the party, but it is also important to consider allergies and intolerances with regards to party bag fillers. Some children can experience allergic reactions from brief contact with the substance that they are allergic to, for example, a latex allergy.

A good way to plan for this would be to contact parents during the party planning process in order to discuss any allergies or intolerances that their child/children may have.

What Theme Should You Choose For The Goodie Bags?

If you're having a themed party such as aliens, sports or any other style of themed party, you might want to choose party bag fillers in the same style as the party. However, if you're not having a themed party, perhaps you could still create a theme for you loot bags.

You could create themed goodie bags for the party with regards to the time of year, for example, an Easter theme or perhaps a theme relating to an activity such as an arts and craft theme.

What Is Your Budget?

Another very important thing to consider is the price of the goodie bags. Without putting time in beforehand to consider your budget, it could be easy to get carried away and spend too much on one aspect of the party. As such it is very important that you set out a clear budget for your party including things such as catering, venue hire, an entertainer and party bags.

Should You Make Your Own Party Bags Or Purchase Pre-Filled Party Bags?

Another important question to ask yourself. If you want to make your own party bags, you will get to decide what is inside the party bags, however buying premade party bags could save time because filling the bags could be a very time consuming task.

If you are interested in filled party bags, we have a wide selection to choose from including a variety of themes such as magic, aliens & space and cuddly toys. However if you're filling your own party bags with party bag fillers from All About Party Bags, you could choose from a variety of empty party bags and loot bags to hold your party bag fillers, available in numerous different styles and themes such as: this happy birthday bag, this super hero bag or this aliens themed bag.

Making Your Own Goodie Bags? Here Is Some Food For Thought!

If you are making your own goodie bags and are unsure what items you could include in the bags, here are five ideas to give you a helping hand!

  • Bouncy Balls. Bouncy balls are a favourite for goodie bags. They are a toy loved by children of many ages and a few adults as well! With a bouncy ball you can play many different games and keep children entertained whilst the grownups enjoy a moment to relax.

  • An Alternative To Toys. Some parents dislike plastic toys in goodie bags. A great alternative to toys could be a nice book. You can find affordably priced small books for children about various themes to include inside the bags.

  • Fun Activities! Small activity items are great to include in goodie bags. Items such as jigsaws or sticker activity books are great. However, if you're having a superhero themed party, how about this DIY superhero mug?

  • A Slice Of Birthday Cake. If you're stuck for ideas, a slice of birthday cake can be a great idea to add to your goodie bags.

  • Yummy Treats. You could take a small bag and add a selection of sweets and candy to include in your goodie bags.

Party Bags And Party Bag Fillers From All About Party Bags, Great For Children's Birthday Parties!

If you are planning a themed birthday party for your child, being creative with party bags can be a fantastic way to make their birthday party extra special. We have a variety of party products available in themes such as army, jungle & zoo, super heroes, fairies and many more!

If you are interested in party bags for your child's birthday party, come to All About Party Bags! Over the years we have created a wide variety of goodie bags suitable for children of various ages; from babies to teens! With a fantastic choice of goodie bag products including party bags and party bag fillers, we can help you to create a fantastic selection of goodie bags to give out at the end of your child's birthday party.

If you would like more information regarding our party bags or if you have any questions regarding any of the party bag fillers or party decorations available on our online store, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated team.

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