4 Ideas For Farm Themed Birthday Parties!

There are lots of different themes that you could choose for a child’s birthday party. You could organise a party around their favourite superhero, their favourite television series, or their favourite animal. Indeed, with the wide selection of party bag fillers that you can browse on the All About Party Bags online store, you can create a fantastic variety of different party bags to match a numerous different party themes.

4 Ideas For Farm Themed Birthday Parties!

If you’re organising a farm themed birthday party for your child, but you are in need of some inspiration, do not worry because here are four ideas for farm themed birthday parties to give you a helping hand.

1. Visit A Farm Or A Petting Zoo!

This could be a fantastic idea for children who want to celebrate their birthday but don’t want a big birthday party. In a previous blog we discussed the idea of crafting a birthday experience instead of a birthday party and if your child enjoys farm animals, perhaps a trip to a farm or a petting zoo would be a fantastic opportunity for your child and some of their friends to meet some of their favourite animals and learn more about them.

If you decide to visit a farm or a petting zoo as a part of the birthday celebrations, you’ll need some party bags to match the theme. If you would like to create your own party bags, we have a fantastic selection of empty bags to browse and a variety of different bag fillers to put inside the empty bags. This includes a selection of farm animal themed products. For example, you could choose to include items such as Pocket Farm Animals or Farm Animal Erasers. However, if you would like to save time and instead purchase readymade party bags, we also have a wide selection of farm themed filled party bags to choose from such as a Little Bag of Farm Stationery, a Farm Animals Party Bag, or a Farm Party Bag.

2. Make Some Farm Themed Party Decorations!

If you’re organising a farm themed birthday party for your child at your home, you could use some farm themed decorations to transform the family home into a farm. For example, you could use bales of hay as party decorations or extra seating if needed.

Also, if you are skilled with arts and crafts, you could use some coloured card to create cut outs of farm animals to use decorations. For example you could create animals such as a pig made from some pink card, or perhaps a horse made from brown card.

3. Make Some Tasty Party Food!

There are lots of tasty options for party food that you could make for a farm themed birthday party. You could create some delicious animal shaped cookies with animal cookie cutters, or perhaps you could serve a selection of healthy snacks such as carrot sticks with a delicious healthy dip.

4. Play Some Fun Party Games!

With regards to party games, you could choose from lots of different games, but a popular favourite for many children’s parties is a game of pass the parcel. However, with lots of other things to organise such as party food, gifts, decorations, and party favours, it can be difficult to find the time to create a pass the parcel for the party.

If you are unsure if you have enough time to make a pass the parcel for your child’s birthday party, do not worry because the All About Party Bags online store has a fantastic selection of pass the parcels to choose from in a variety of different themes. You can filter the selection of pass the parcel products by price, gender, and age; as such you’ll be able to quickly find a wonderful pass the parcel for your child’s party!

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