8 Party Themes For The Easter Break

The Easter break is a fantastic time to have a party. So, if you're planning a party this Easter, don't forget readymade party bags!

Some Ideas For Your Party Over The Easter Holiday!

Whilst planning a party for children for the Easter holidays, it is important to consider a theme. However, with so many different themes to choose from, picking one could be difficult. Here is a quick list of suggestions to give you a helping hand!

  • The Outdoors. Easter is during springtime which means there are many fantastic flowers and animals to see outside, so styling your child's party to match the outdoors would be a fantastic idea. You could decorate your garden with lots of spring colours, a fantastic sun smiley face pinata and a smiley stars table setting.

Also let's not forget readymade party bags, we have a great selection of party bags designed for the outdoors such as the fly and throw bag which contains a great selection of toys that children can play with outdoors or this outdoor fun bag with a boomerang, water bombs and fun snaps.

  • Super Heroes. Super heroes are very popular amongst many children, teens and adults. With the spring weather, getting the children outside to play super hero inspired games could be a great way to keep the children active. The Telegraph wrote that children become less active from the age of seven, so giving children a reason to be active and play outdoors could be a good idea. We have a fantastic selection of super hero inspired items on our online store. For example, some of the fantastic super hero readymade party bags available on our online store are:

  • Super Hero Outdoor Party Bag
  • Super Hero Water Bomb Party Bag
  • Super Hero Blaster Party Bag

  • Wildlife! Spring time is a time of the year when the outdoors is full of life. You will be able to go outside and see lots of wonderful flowers, birds, possibly some magnificent insects and other animals.

There are many different activities that you can take part in to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the varied and beautiful British wildlife. We have a great choice of readymade party bags to choose from in a wildlife theme, one of which is the Wildlife Sticker Party Bag which has many fun items such as a collection of stickers, an activity book and optional sweets!

  • A Little Easter Break Mischief! A party is a great opportunity for the little ones to let of some steam and have fun. What better way to do that than with a little mischief? We have a wide selection of mischievous toys to include in goodie bags such as Chinese finger traps, comical disguises, whoopie cushions and water bombs.

In our collection of readymade party bags you can choose between goodie bags such as:

  • Mischief Party Bag
  • Another Wicked Fun Party Bag
  • Mischief Party Bag
  • Jokes & Mischief Party Bag

  • A Party That's Out Of this World! A theme that works in various different times of the year. Many might think an alien theme would work best during Halloween however; you could play games in your garden 'investigating alien life' by looking at the various different bugs and insects in your garden.

There are numerous alien themed products available on our website. You could choose between many readymade party bags, some of which are:

  • Big Red Galactic Party Bag
  • Blast the Aliens Party Bag
  • All About Aliens Party Bag
  • Giant Alien Baby Party Bag
  • Aliens v Robots Party Bag

  • Abracadabra! Add a touch of magic to your child's Easter break party. With a magic theme you could perhaps hire an entertainer to perform a magic show for your child and their guests.

We have many party bag fillers for a party with magical theme. Additionally we have many incredible goodie bags to choose from such as a Magical Party Bag which contains a magic painting book, a magic wall walker insect and a magical magnetic picture!

  • Army. Enjoy the spring weather with an army themed party. With some camouflage decorations and some army inspired party games; you could plan a fantastic party for your child and their friends to enjoy.

We have a great selection of army inspired goodie bags containing many fantastic party bag fillers such as camouflage masks, a combat mission tank kit and fun snaps!

  • Sports! If your child is a sports fan, what better way to enjoy the spring weather than by throwing a sports themed party during the Easter break? With a sports themed party, all you need is a ball and a referee to keep the children entertained. When it's time for the party to end, we have a great selection of sports inspired goodie bags to choose from. Such as the Football Sticker Party Bag which contains a football sticker activity book, a football sticker sheet and many other fantastic items!

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If you are interested in readymade party bags for your child's party during the Easter break, come to All About Party Bags. We have a wide range of goodie bags to choose from, suitable for children of various ages; from toddlers to teens! With such a fantastic choice of products including both goodie bags and party bag fillers, we can help you create a great selection of goodie bags to give out at the end of your child's party.

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