Bonfire Night Parties; 2 Things To Remember

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Bonfire Night Parties; 2 Things To Remember

Whilst planning a bonfire party can be very exciting, it’s important not to forget these two things.

  1. Keep Safety In Mind
    A bonfire party is a great opportunity to get the whole family together for an evening of fun and celebration; however it’s essential that you remember to keep safe whilst enjoying yourselves this November 5th.

    Firstly it’s important to remember that whilst fireworks are lots of fun, they are extremely dangerous and as such must be handled with extreme care. This is one of the reasons why many advise people to attend organised fireworks displays. This way, you can still enjoy the fun of fireworks, but the dangerous fireworks themselves will be handled by skilled and experienced professionals.

    However, if you’re hosting your own party, you need to ensure that you are fully aware of the safety risks and have put into place appropriate responses. This includes both plans for the bonfire itself and your fireworks. With regards to the bonfire, you need to make sure that it is built in a secure location that is away from flammable materials and it’s very important that you do not light the bonfire with flammable liquids. Additionally with regards to the bonfire itself, you part of your safety plans should include a plan to extinguish the fire in the event it goes out of control. With regards to fireworks, it is essential that they are kept in a closed metal box and only taken out one at a time when they are to be used. Whilst it may be tempted to pick up a collection of fireworks in order to reduce the amount of trips you need to make to get to the box, this can cause a significant safety risk, so only take one firework out of the box at a time and close the box afterwards. Also, if people are using sprinklers at the party, it’s important to take all necessary safety precautions, after all whilst they don’t erupt into a colourful explosion like a rocket, they are still a firework and as such they must be treated with extreme caution. Make sure that anyone using sprinklers holds them at arm’s length and make sure that everyone is wearing gloves. Also, remember that when finished, sparklers should be placed in a bucket of water and that children under 5 years old should not be given sparklers.

    As a final point on safety at bonfire parties, make sure that everyone attending the party knows what to do in the event of an emergency. We suggest designating an assembly point so that all adults and children know where they should evacuate to in the event of a malfunctioning firework or the bonfire growing out of control. If none of the adults attending your party are experienced with first aid, it’s a good idea to read up on some fire aid related firework safety advice; such as this list of bonfire night first aid tips from St John’s Ambulance.

  2. Stay Warm; It’s November
    Whilst we’re still enjoying the mild autumn weather, it’s important to remember just how cold it will be in November when planning our bonfire celebrations. This means that it’s definitely time to bring the ‘big coat’ out of the attic, pop on a hat and scarf, and of course don’t forget those gloves. Sometimes November weather can be very chilly indeed and a big warm coat isn’t enough to keep the chill away; sometimes you need some extra layers, so make sure that you have a few blankets on hand to help people keep warm. 

    It’s also a great idea to serve a selection of tasty hot food and drinks for your guests to help them stay warm. With regards to hot food, perhaps you could experiment with different cuisines from different parts of the United Kingdom. For example, in many areas of Lancashire, bonfire night is traditionally enjoyed with a snack called “Black Peas”. This delicious snack is also known in other parts of the United Kingdom as carling peas or grey peas. Additionally, any vegan guests attending the bonfire night party will be happy to know that this tasty treat is vegan. With regards to drinks, there are lots of delicious hot drinks that you can choose to serve. However, whilst staples such as tea and coffee are great choices, why not include a few different hot drinks to the menu. Perhaps hot chocolate with marshmallows, or even some hot alcoholic drinks for adults attending the party, such as warm cups of mulled wine or some tasty Irish coffee.

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