Celebrate World Book Day With Party Bag Fillers

In the last few years, World Book Day has been growing in popularity. Celebrating children’s literature and the importance of reading, schools and parents alike throw parties for their kids, encouraging them to dress up as their favourite characters to share the joy that reading brings.

If you’re looking to throw a party to celebrate World Book Day this year but need some inspiration – why not consider giving them something to remember it by with party bag fillers? Filled with toys, games and activities, a party bag is also the ideal vessel for a book to be slipped in to – perfect for World Book Day!

With the day arriving soon, we’re going to delve into the wonders of the event, explaining in detail, what it’s about and give you some tips on hosting your own book celebration.

Party Bag Fillers For World Book Day

The Wonders of World Book Day

This year’s World Book Day will be the 22nd such event and takes place on the 7th March in the UK. A celebration of books, the people who create them and of course, those who read them, the day has been designated by The United Nations as ‘an official celebration of books’, taking place in well-over 100 countries.

The aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to enjoy reading books, learning about the joy that can be taken from delving into a good story. They are also encouraged to take home a book of their own to enjoy, to learn how to enjoy the magic of reading, eventually helping to improving their literacy skills.

To help, the World Book Day organisation has created a number of their own party bag fillers (resources), such as book tokens, teaching guides and activity packs that give kids, teachers and parents the opportunity to get more involved in the day. Children can even take their tokens to a local participating bookseller and exchange them for one of ten books that have been specially chosen by World Book Day, or use it to get £1-off any other book of their choosing.

Hosting A Great World Book Day Event – Fancy Dress, Party Bags & More!

If you’re considering hosting your own kids party to mark World Book Day, here are some handy ideas for themes, party bag fillers and more:

  • Fancy dress. Literally (an apt adverb for World Book Day) dressing up as your favourite character from a book will heighten your enjoyment of the story. Whether it’s characters from fairy stories for the younger children, to Harry Potter characters for the older children, fancy dress parties on World Book Day offer kids the opportunity to be in the story for a day. And the adults can join in too – teachers and parents alike, dressing as characters from their favourite stories from when they were kids. This could even inspire today’s kids to ask about the costume and maybe find the book it relates to and read it themselves?

  • Party bags. The idea behind World Book Day will hopefully see children take away a love of reading and explore their creative thinking with it. Playing a somewhat similar role (again, literally) are party bags – by creating your own selection of party bag fillers, you can give your party attendees customisable gifts that they can take home and enjoy. Why not consider slipping in an activity or reading book, amongst the usual line-up of toys, games and sweets?

  • Background films. If you’re hosting a party that is themed on a particular book – a time-honoured way of getting kids interested in the story, is by showing film adaptations. Whilst there’ll be more to do at the party than sit and watch a film, playing them in the background of a party can add a nice ambience, adding to the fancy dress element of them ‘pretending to be their character’.

  • Book-themed food, drink and snacks. Whether your party is themed or not, having party food, drink and snacks that reference certain literary works is a great way to excite your guests. How about filling a tray with Turkish Delights (from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)? Fill up your own party bags with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, the famous sweets eaten by Harry Potter and Co? If you enjoy baking, you could also create your own fairy cakes with certain words or images from everyone’s favourite book. There is no end of ideas when it comes to party food!

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