Children’s Party Trends For 2019

Here at All About Party Bags we provide a wide range of party bag fillers and decorations for numerous different themes. So with the year drawing to a close, it’s time to look at the previous party themes that have been popular in the past year, and look to the future to see what might become popular in 2019.

Looking Back On 2018 Party Trends

This year has had lots of awesome party trends, here’s a few that might continue into 2019.

  • Bright Colours
    Bright colours have been very popular this past year, especially in party bags. Just a quick scroll through our Pinterest page will reveal a plethora of colourful treats and decorations that you can use as inspiration for a children’s party you’re planning.

    With the popularity of bright colours and the wide range of decorations to choose from, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this trend continues well into 2019, possibly even further.

  • Glow In The Dark
    We discussed this party trend on numerous occasions throughout the year, however, has the lights finally been turned off on the glow in the dark party theme? Perhaps, perhaps not. Lots of people still enjoy this theme, so there’s a possibility that it will continue into the New Year; however only time will tell.

  • Balloons
    Often used as centrepieces such as balloon arches, it’s highly likely that balloons will continue to be a popular party theme throughout 2019. They’re a great way to add some colour to the party decorations; however with balloons being available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, you can make a vast array of different decorations using balloons. Perhaps you could make a balloon ice cream cone for an ice cream themes party, or perhaps you could make a balloon palm tree for a beach themed party.

    That’s the great thing about balloons; you’re only limited by your imagination.

Looking To The Future – Possible 2019 Party Trends

What about the future? What party trends could we see in the new year?

  • Disguise
    Disguise is a great way to add an extra level of fun to your child’s party. With cake that looks like an ice cream cone, or fruit that’s actually pie – disguising one thing as another is a fun way to add a bit of mystery to the party and keep the fun going from the start, till the end when all the guests leave with their party bags.

  • Surprise
    Even if the party isn’t specifically a surprise party, its still lots of fun to include surprises into the party itself.

    One great way you can include a surprise is in the birthday cake. Similar to how couples make cakes for gender reveal parties where candy bursts out of a cake when cut, you could arrange something similar for your child so when the party is drawing to a close and the birthday cake is being cut, everyone enjoys one last surprise when candy pours out.

  • Pokémon
    The trailer for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu was released a few weeks ago and the movie is set to come out May 2019. So it’s quite likely that lots of parties will have a Pokémon theme or a specific Detective Pikachu theme.

    If your child enjoys Pokémon, but you need some ideas for a themed children’s party, don’t worry we have lots of party advice on our website. For example, perhaps you could make some Pokéball inspired cupcakes? You could use red, white and black coloured icing to create these cakes which could be a fantastic addition to party bags, filled with lots of themed party bag fillers.

Would You Like Some Advice Organising Your Child’s Party?

Organising a party can be a very busy time, especially during the winter months, with Christmas just around the corner it can feel like you have a million and one things to do. So if you need a helping hand to save some time whilst planning a party during the Christmas period, don’t worry because we have just the blog to give you a helping hand.

Check out our list of 5 tips to help you save time when organising a children’s Christmas party. It’s filled with lots of great suggestions such as tips for saving time whilst organising party food and tips to help you save time when making party bags, for example purchasing readymade party bags.

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