Don’t Let The Rain Ruin Your Party Plans – 5 Ideas For A Rainy Day

Need a backup plan for a party on a rainy day? Don’t worry, All About Party Bags has a vast selection of party supplies, with our readymade collection, your child and their friends can have fun, rain or shine.

Save For A Rainy Day – 5 Indoor Party Ideas

Rain can strike at the worst of times. So it can be very helpful to have a few party ideas set aside for a rainy day, just in case the rain surprises you.

  •  Pass The Parcel
    A favourite for home birthday parties, pass the parcel is a game that lots of children enjoy. However, it can sometimes be very time consuming to make your own parcel for the party. However, our online party store has a wide range of readymade pass the parcels to choose from available in a selection of different themes. So you can relax and focus on other areas of the party.

  • Make Your Own Indoor Obstacle Course
    If you or a close friend is very skilled with arts and crafts, why not create an indoor obstacle course for the children to enjoy?

    There are numerous different ways to approach this idea, firstly you could create a series of short puzzles that children can complete and have other party games in between giving you time to set up the challenges. Or you could have one large puzzle that becomes the main activity of the party with a few small games before the obstacle course.

    Need some ideas for indoor homemade obstacles and puzzle? One idea is to create a maze from boxes; another idea is to make an obstacle course from ribbons strung up in a room. You could also add a glow in the dark twist by adding glow in the dark tape to the obstacles and turning off the lights. For more information about glow in the dark parties, check out our list of 6 tips for glow in the dark parties.

    • Have A Movie Party
      if the children are older, a trip to the cinema can be a fantastic day out; seeing as the cinema will be indoors it’s bad weather-proof. However, with younger children, you could still opt for a movie party, at home.

      Choose a few movies, some themed party decorations, get some healthy snacks and you’re good to go. If you’re unsure what to put inside goodie bags for a home movie party, just choose some party fillers and treats that match the theme of the movie. For example, if it’s a science fiction movie, you could include a variety of sci-fi themed goodies, or if it’s a superhero movie, you could include variety of superhero themed treats.

  • Host A Crafts Party
    Lay down a protective floor covering, get some tables and have an awesome creative play time. You could organise a crafty science experiment for the children to follow along with, such as making slime, or you could let imaginations go crazy with an assortment of craft materials such as coloured card, pipe cleaners, textiles, and more.

  • Take The Party Elsewhere
    If you’re stuck for ideas on how to have fun at home for the party, you could always opt to take the party to a venue? Perhaps all the children could attend a soft play or indoor play centre. Numerous big chain gastro pubs have attached indoor play areas where the children can play and enjoy themselves, whilst the grown-ups enjoy a chat and some tasty food. Another potential venue could be bowling. Ten pin bowling is a fun activity that, thanks to side bumpers and bowling ramps, children of numerous different ages can enjoy this.

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