Five Party Theme Suggestions!

Themed birthday parties can be lots of fun, however sometimes organising a party can be challenging and stressful. You’ll have to consider what decorations, party activities, party food, and party bag fillers you are going to choose. As such, sometimes deciding a theme can be a very difficult decision. So, to give you a helping hand, here is a list of five party theme suggestions.

1.    A Secret Agent/Spy Themed Party!
There are lots of fantastic spy movies that children can enjoy. From fantastic family films such as Spy Kids, to the hilarious movie, Johnny English starring the talented Rowan Atkinson; indeed, if you’re looking for inspiration for a secret agent/spy themed birthday party, there are lots of great films to choose from.

If your child is older, perhaps some of the James Bond films could be fantastic sources of party planning inspiration. Perhaps you could serve a non-alcoholic martini for guests to enjoy.

Also with a secret agent/spy themed birthday party, you could make the party a fancy dress party and ask the party guests to dress up in their best secret agent/spy themed costumes.

2.    A Science Party!
Science parties can be lots of fun and very educational. For example, you could demonstrate phases of matter and chemistry by creating ice cream in a bag! It’s quite a simple experiment and only requires a few ingredients. [source:]

There are also lots of other fun ways that you could approach a science party. Perhaps you could choose an archaeology theme and organise a trip to your local museum, possibly visiting a dinosaur exhibition. Or perhaps you could organise a Moon Landing themed party, with fancy dress, lots of fun space decorations, and a space themed bouncy castle.

If you would like more information regarding different types of science themed birthday parties that you could organise, please read our blog titled, “How About A Science Party?”

3.    An Animal Themed Party!
If your child has a favourite animal, this could be a fantastic opportunity for a themed birthday party. Not only can you choose to decorate the party venue using themed decorations, but you could also find some fantastic themed activities! For example, if your child really likes sharks, perhaps you could include a trip to a local aquarium and reserve a seat for feeding time.

With regards to party bags for an animal themed birthday party, you could choose from a wide selection of animals and sea life themed party bag fillers. Also, if you visit our online store, you can browse through a fantastic range of bags. So if your child likes sharks, perhaps you could choose some great sea life party bag fillers and put them inside a Smiley Shark Cellophane Bag.

4.    A Glow In The Dark Party!
There are lots of fun things that you could do for a glow in the dark themed party. For example, you could decorate the party invitations with glow in the dark accessories. Also, creating some handmade glow in the dark invitations could be a fun way to involve your child in the organisation of their birthday party.

You could also decorate the party venue (or your home) with glow in the dark decorations such as glow in the dark tape or stickers. Alternatively if you want to get creative, you could create some glowing balloons by placing a glow stick inside a balloon.

If you would like more suggestions and advice for glow in the dark parties, visit our blog and read our list of “6 Tips For A Glow In The Dark Children’s Party”. It discusses things such as safety, party favours, and glow in the dark party food.

5.    A Movie Party!
If your child is a fan of a film or a film series, perhaps a movie themed birthday party could be a fantastic choice.

If your child is older and is a big fan of a film series, perhaps you could organise a movie marathon sleepover party, where a few guests can stay over and watch a film series, perhaps a few Harry Potter movies or perhaps the original Star Wars trilogy.

With regards to party bags, you could create some goodie bags using party bag fillers from the same theme as the movie(s). For example, if the film is science fiction, you could browse through a range of fantastic treats to include in the bag with a science fiction theme such as a 3D Space Ship or an Alien Monster Tattoo.


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