Great Ideas For Party Themes & Party Bags For 2019

Happy New Year! If you’re thinking about holding a party for your child during 2019, have you thought about what’s currently ‘on trend’? As the years go by and generations grow up to grow their own generation, tastes, and styles will change (which is a shame, at least for our wardrobes!) Getting the right party theme down will be the key to a successful event.

So if you’ve been searching around for an activity, treat or parting gift for attendees, let’s have a look at what everyone is getting in their party bags for 2019.

Why Party Bags?

Party bags (or favours) are a great idea to have at any party, especially one that can be as intensive as a children’s party! Many people use them as an extra activity during a party, giving kids the opportunity to play and have fun whilst parents are organising the next stage of the event. Others give them away at the end of the party, as a parting gift and a ‘thanks for coming’. The gifts inside won’t just allow them to enjoy something nice, but it will also give them to something remember about the day and the fun they had at the party too. Any party that is memorable is a great party!

2019 Party Trends

So without further ado, here are some party trends that 2019’s children may enjoy:

  • At The Movies – It seems that every New Year is trying to outdo the last with the number of huge movie releases; 2019 will see the live-action Disney remakes of Aladdin, Dumbo and The Lion King. The second part of Avengers: Infinity War, which is Avengers: Endgame will be flying into the cinemas and then there’s the brilliantly funny (and poignant, at least for us adults!) animations, The Lego Movie 2 and Toy Story 4! So what better party theme to have than the biggest movies out at the time?

  • Outdoor parties – It seems odd saying this in the midst of a cold January (when even the penguins are putting on their big coats) but hosting a party with an outdoor theme is growing in popularity. Whether your child’s birthday is in the spring and summer months, the garden will make a great venue for many of the activities. Do you have an autumn/winter child? Why not think about decorating the indoors with an outdoor theme that celebrates the bright and breezy summer?
  • Scavenger hunts – A great idea to keep kids busy, have fun and make use of content from party bags, would be to feature a scavenger hunt as part of the theme of the party. Particularly popular for events that take place in vast outdoor spaces, leave some clues around for the kids to work out puzzles, with the prize being a bag filled full of fun activities and sweets!
  • Crafting parties – As children nowadays are au fait with technology from a young age, it can be easy to forget that they will have as much fun creating things themselves by hand. Including an art and craft kit in a party bag is a great idea to get them creating something, learning and having fun.

  • Animals – Who doesn’t like animals? There’s loads of them! A Zoo/Forest/Jungle theme is a great gender-neutral idea for a party and what’s more, it can include a number of different animals that will please everyone. In terms of party bags, why not offer attendees something different? Something that they’ll be able to use again and value? Recently featured by The Independent, they constructed their own ‘Duck Bag’ from our party bag fillers, which were a big bath sponge, a rubber duck (of course) and soap – whilst sweets and chocolates that can be added for a few extra pence.

Need Some Party Bag Inspiration? Browse Our Fun-Filled Range!

So whether you’re hosting a party for your Superheroes and Superheroines, an animal-themed jungle adventure or an outdoor garden party, we will have a fun-filled party bag for children of all ages. Please feel free to browse around our website to see the filled party bags or the party bag fillers we have on sale, and click on each one for further information.

If you need some additional inspiration on themes for your party or if you need any advice on organising your event, have a read of our informative blog. Still stuck? Then why not get in touch with us? The party experts here at All About Party Bags will only be too happy to help.

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